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Fitness Apparel Tank

Fitness Apparel Tank

Pilates Apparel That Speaks Your Language

Author: Amy Leibrock

There are a lot of great yoga/Pilates wear lines out there. But many of them seem to be designed with a yoga practitioner in mind first, the Pilates devotee second. Not so with RESE Pilates Activewear. The clothing line’s founder, Gail Reisman, had practiced Pilates for many years before deciding to design clothing to help women focus on key areas important to Pilates.

Her circular yin-yang logo is placed at the core on her pants, reminding you to “scoop” your abs. Seams on some of the tanks keep your ribcage in check. And a contrasting color band that goes around the hips of many of her pants helps you keep pelvis aligned. Many of the tanks are longer and a looser at the bottom than other brands, and the pants are supportive—not tight—and come in enough styles that everyone can find a flattering fit. None of these extras will do your workout for you, but they’re thoughtful touches that Pilates junkies can appreciate.

Of RESE Pilates’ new looks for fall, the Pauline top ($60) is the most distinctive—and versatile; it has fashion-forward ruching around the neckline and a loose, baby doll fit, but a hidden fitted layer underneath makes sure you stay covered in class. Also new are the Lola tank ($58), which features a high neckline for full support, and the Shannon ($98), a fitted jacket with cuffs that fold down into mitts to keep your hands warm as the weather turns cold. The Karen capri ($68) is a new top-selling pant, featuring tulip-shaped slits at the calves for comfort.

RESE Pilates Shannon jacket             RESE Pilates Karen capri

Some other popular items in the RESE Pilates line include the Natalie legging, the Carrie capri pant and the Gail and Dawn tanks—which are updated frequently with new, seasonal colors.

RESE Pilates is taking wholesale orders for the fall collection, or you can buy retail on resepilates.com, where you’ll also find a list of U.S. retailers.

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Written by Amy Leibrock

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Fitness Apparel Tank

Fitness Apparel Tank

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