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Eliminating Engine Fluid Wastage With High Grade Mazda Expansion Tank

Author: Miranda Restelle

When you marvel on how your Mazda’s engine works, you will discover that it uses different forms and types of fluids in sustaining smooth operations. These fluids are crucial to the service of the engine system and component for they serve as the vessel for efficient pressure build up, cooling, and engine maintenance mechanisms. Most of these engine fluids are called thermal fluids are they may change from liquid to gaseous phase when pressure or heat is applied. Thermal fluids also expand and contracts which explains the need for Mazda expansion tank. Expansion tanks are employed to eliminate fluid wastage when thermal fluid expands. When the original reservoir becomes inadequate, employing a custom designed expansion tank comes necessary. By eliminating fluid spillage and wastage, your engine becomes protected from contamination and early wear. Because engine fluids could speed up corrosion and wear rates among metal engine components, always check the tanks and reservoir for leaks.

Mazda expansion tank designs vary on the type of engine fluid held for specific year, model, and make of vehicle applications. Serving as the safe outlet for sudden liquid volume increase, this type of tank is directly connected to the original fluid reservoir to receive the overflowing fluid. In a thermal system like your engine, there are three common types of expansion tank designs. The surge tank is designed to be a receiver of thermal fluid that are circulated through pumps drawing thermal fluid from the bottom of the tank as the fluid routes about the heater. This design offer no oxidation protection as it allows aeration of thermal fluid as its cooling mechanism. The surge tank is not ideal for extended operations as its poor design does not provide excellent thermal system venting capabilities. The baffled tank is an expansion tank with three chambers or baffles. This tank design allows the thermal fluid to efficiently cool as they are separated through chambers that prevents co-mingling of hot fluids. Thermal systems normally have a heat transfer loop, baffle expansion tanks aim to decrease the degradation rate of thermal fluid due to oxidation. Lastly, the straight leg tank design allows expanded thermal fluid to directly enter the main expansion tank via small diameter pipe that bypasses the flow-through valves under the expansion tank. As expansion tanks are often located at the highest point of thermal system, the volume of the thermal fluid flows directly to the heater with no fail. This tank type does not offer oxidation protection.

Thermal fluid oxidation greatly alters the recessive behavior of engine fluids. Because it degrades your engine fluids, thermal oxidation best explains the need of keeping track of the recommended schedules of fluid replacement for engine maintenance. By overextending their use, you risk your engine from serious damages due to contamination. So to minimize fluid oxidation, eliminate engine fluid wastage, and prevent early fluid replacement; you might as well consider investing with a high grade expansion tank. Also, having your engine equipped with an expansion tank keeps the radiator always full which is critical in efficiently maintaining ideal range of engine operating temperature. As a general rule, standard expansion tank volume is approximately 26 to 30-percent of the estimated volume of the specific thermal fluid your engine use. The tank must be about ¼ full at start-up temperatures and ¾ full at operating temperatures. Whatever design of Mazda expansion tank you choose, sticking with custom designed and fitted tanks is advised to eliminate the need for modification on installation.

About the Author:

Miranda Restelle is a freelance writer and car enthusiast. She believes that women should see the beauty and style in cars, as they see the beauty and style in fashion.

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Fit Tank Top

Fit Tank Top

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