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Fit Running Singlet

Fit Running Singlet
U guys perspire a lot when u run? i perspire until my clothes, socks n shoes are soaked. Is it normal?

Ok i live in a tropical climate zone. Average temperature all year round is 75 – 90 F. Therefore its warm all year round.

Whenever i run like 5 miles around 5pm around my neighbourhood, i will perspire until my dri-fit singlet n shorts are soaked in sweat. not only that, the sweat will drip from my shorts down my legs n into my socks n running shoes, making them wet.

It’s kinda irritating, therefore i everytime have to wash my running shoes or else it’d stink… I have to have 2 pair of running shoes coz of frequent washing n becoz i run like 3 or 4 times per week.

anybody perspire this much when u run? is it normal? i think i sweat a lot

or is it because of my dri-fit singlet n shorts? The material is quite thin. i think it doesnt really absorbs sweat therefore most of it just drip off n end up down my legs n into my running shoes.

anyway for running shoes, if washed frequently, will cause any damage or decline in quality or performance?

I perspire inside 8 minutes of walking, even in the middle of winter (8°C). Just one of those things.

I’m glad I don’t live in a colder climate, where it might freeze on my skin.

Try some cycling or swimming, might help you keep a bit cooler as you exercise.

Fit Running Singlet

Fit Running Singlet