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Fit Running Long

Fit Running Long
Running Time to Be Fit, How Long?

I’m 14 and wanted to lose a few pounds for school. i am going to cut down on food, but I wanted to know how long I should run for to be fit. I way almost 150 and want to get down a bit or just until my tummy goes away:) Any help?
“2 miles each day until school starts”
Someone says that
But how long in minutes, like 20 minutes a day… sorta like that. I;m running in my street and I dont know how long it is.

Lol im 14 and 150 pounds .. anyway I been boxing for like 9 months.
So this tool i used to help me run is this thing in google maps that helped me measure distance. Go to google maps and find your area, type in ur zip code or address, then when you found the area where u live you can click on “my maps” and check the box for distance measuring tool. Then you click on im feeling geeky and choose miles, now you can trace a path and see how long it is.

Basically for a long time, to get in shape and to get aerobic stamina, I used to run ATLEAST 1 mile a day in 10 minutes, a slow jog. If u want to increase stamina and burn fat simply increase your distance every day and work up to 2 miles like the guy above me said. Each mile should be in 10 minutes or less. Once your in very good shape, and you are able to run 3-4 miles in a single run, you should begin sprints, and interval training to increase your anaerobic threshold.

Be very careful with your diet, eating less could actually be worse for you. I lost a shitload of fat when i started working out seriously, and I ate alot. All u need to do is reduce fats and sugars, but eat a lot of lean meats, chicken, fish, vegetables, whole wheats (for carbs), and drink a lot of water.

Ok so in simple terms, do a mile a day minimum, jog 10 minutes. Increase this to 2 miles in 20 minutes when you can. Then 3 miles in 30 minutes. After this you should keep mileage a minimum and run for speed.

Hope it helped!

Fit Running Long

Fit Running Long

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