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Fit Refined Border

Fit Refined Border

Shopping for Rugs to Fit Your Home Design

Author: SteveWaller


Rugs, like all pieces of furniture you buy or decorating you do, are style statements you have to literally live with so it’s important that you make the right choice first time around. Otherwise you’ll feel a little dissatisfied each and every time you step into the room where your rug resides.

The two main styles of rug provide different angles to design and make different statements about someone’s personality but within each category there are a whole plethora of patterns to be seen and choices to be made.

Traditional rugs are still very popular with their earthy tones and rustic feel and tend to be used to make a room feel more imposing while bringing a certain warmth and homeliness to many a family home. There are a variety of patterns, many of which feature vine-work or interleaving geometric shapes and these rugs are generally chosen by someone looking for a more refined ambience.

The second of the most common rug types feature more modern designs and often have a very urban feel to them. They are classed in a broad way by the term “contemporary rugs” but this really includes anything that counters the traditional style by including more vibrant colour and more chaotic patterns. There are not many rules when it comes to contemporary rug design and patterns can sometimes stop mid-flow or be segregated into areas between which lie clean crisp lines, giving a fresh feel.

There are also rugs which try to cross the borders of these two design schools which are colourful but fall short of the complex patterns seen in either style. They are sometimes considered to be very homely and used mainly as a bringer of warmth and comfort to a room. They are there to fit the natural flow of a room and while bringing elements of other designs together are created more for the style neutral.

Finding the right rug for your home is not as simple as you might think but shopping around is the best advice anyone can give.

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Fit Refined Border

Fit Refined Border