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Dust Bag

Vacuum dust bag help and advice

Author: dan walsh

When you are struggling buying a vacuum bag in the big stores and are sick of getting it wrong, there are a few on-line sites that sell them at near enough the same price. You have to look on the outside of the vac cleaner, look for a small plate and order on-line with the manufacturer or model numbers from the plate, then you can’t go wrong, you can also use the ‘contact us’ on a site for email help at



<It is a good idea to change the filter, a lot of people do not do this and the vacuum will not be at it’s best performance, I reccomend doing this, it makes some vacuum cleaners work like new !!Also check the condition of the rubber belt as this can be worn and can also effect the vacuum cleaner performance.


Some bags that you order have filters inside the vacuum cleaner bags that you purchase, always check as you do not want loads of them in your cupboard !!


When you remove some vacuum bags dust can escape into the air and get into your airways, so what I do is open the vacuum cleaner outside and let any dust escaoe outside rather than all over you newly vacuumed rooms !


If all else fails there are a few very good vacuums you can purchase, I would reccomend the following: Miele, oreck, Bosch and if you are relly sick of bags, Dyson do some very good ones.


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Dust Bag
Dust Bag
Dust Bag

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