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Dry Sports Bra

Dry Sports Bra
Is there a padded or push up sports bra for small-chested women (A cup)?

I know that one of the main points of sports bras is to flatten and control, but small chested women need some support as well, and sports bras can provide moisture-wicking, quick-dry fabric and ventiliating designs that regular bras cannot. So, YES, I definitely am looking for a sports bra . . . one that not only won’t flatten me even more but will add a small something to my shape. 🙂 Please give the name of the bra and/or manufacturer if you can. The name of the store or website that sells them would help too. Thanks!!!

I have tons of options to fit your bust to a T. You so don’t want to be running and fussing with reg bras or cheap-o sports bras that do n.o.t.h.i.n.g. for your figure when you could keep your ta-tas high and dry in a killer hot, high-performance sports bra.

So in April, Women’s Health magazine editors set out to run, do yoga, weight lift, and kick box through three dozen top sports bra brands including Patagonia, Isis, Freemotion, Saucony, and Asics. They picked the top 18 for their readers in an article called ” Bust a Move,” so the only thing you’d have to worry about when exercising is whether you want to add another superset to your morning routine.

What’s awesome about Bust a Move: Some picks are seamless, some have perfectly cushioned underwires, and others are tanks with a built-in supersupportive, high-performance sports bra! See them all at http://www.womenshealthmag.com/fitness/the-best-sports-bras

Here are a few of the top A-B cups that pump up the volume:
Moving Comfort Alexis padded bra ($34, movingcomfort.com)
Lily of France in Action sport underwire bra ($30, shoplilyoffrance.com)
Champion Shape cami sports bra ($31, championusa.com)

Darted Dri-wick tanks with built-in support will also flatter your figure and bring attention to your waist, not your chest. Some of the Women’s Health picks include New Balance camisole bra top, the FreeMotion Fitness Sport tank, and the Champion Powerlite Empire Tech tank.

Happy hitting the pavement!

Dry Sports Bra

Dry Sports Bra

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