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What are Corian countertops?

Author: Sharma

Corian countertops is an easy-to-care for choice for many homeowners, whether building a new home, renovating or just giving their kitchen a fresh, updated look. A Corian countertops is a registered trademark made by DuPont. This is made from acrylic-alumina trihydrate composite. Being around for a long time, it has been a leader in the solid surface countertops market. Many homeowners, who are looking for a solid surface countertops, end up purchasing Corian. Before knowing the benefits of Corian countertops, you should understand about solid surface countertops. A solid surface is a seamless slab for your countertops as it is created by welding some form of plastic into the desired shape. This welding process creates a durable, dent-resistant, stain-resistant, easily repaired countertops that should last for many years.

Corian countertops are made up of 100% plastic. As the plastic is heated and processed, colors are added. In the market, Corian comes in 80 different colors. It is designed and manufactured to be seamless in appearance. These can be repaired more easily when compared to Silestone countertops because they are made up of 100% plastic. Corian kitchen countertops are easy to clean and retain their original beauty even years after installation. These kitchen countertops look great with materials like brass, tile and granite. Combine Corian with sinks, edge treatments, or even an inlay or a layer of another color of Corian for a custom look.

Corian comes in three countertops finishes: Matte, Semi-gloss and High-gloss. These countertops can look good for a longer period of time by cleaning it with soapy water or ammonia-based cleaning products. If you choose darker colors, scratches can be noticed more easily when compared to lighter colors. If your counters show water spots, wipe them again with a damp cloth and dry. After cleaning counters, be sure to wipe them dry, especially if your tap water is hard. Corian countertop can be installed in one day. You can avail these countertops from an authorized distributor or a retail store. It can be best installed by professionals trained to meet installation specifications.

If there are damages in Corian, it can be repaired easily. Try to take precautions to avoid problems. While preparing a dish, do not keep hot baking dishes directly on the countertops. Even though Corian is heat resistant, too hot pans can cause damage to the countertops. Use a cutting board to cut or slice any vegetable or fruit. Avoid spilling strong chemicals on your countertops. If this does happen, be sure to rinse the chemical away immediately.

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Dry Seamless Hot

Dry Seamless Hot