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The Move to LED Lighting in Retail

Author: Kevin Dry

It is not widely appreciated that the problem with fluorescent tubes (CFLs) including the new low energy bulbs widely promoted at the moment is that they contain Mercury. The disposal of these types of lighting product needs to be carefully managed to ensure that Mercury (a toxic heavy metal) is captured when disposed of. In addition to the problem of Mercury there is the issue of the starting circuits and power surges these can cause particularly in areas where there are large numbers of fittings being activated at one time.

A move to LED retail lighting can in some cases be a simple replacement of lamp but advice should be sought first. It is often the case that it is not as simple as just remove and replace. Retail LED lighting frequently offers long term cost savings alongside improvements to the retail environment. Key areas of retailing particularly those associate with Pharmacy and especially the promotion of cosmetics benefit strongly from the clean white light that LEDs can offer.

Two other key benefits are on offer with a successful transition over to LED based retail lighting, one of these being replacement costs – particularly in the case of fluorescent tubes and the other being reduction of excessive heat from roof mounted fittings which in some cases can increase costs of running the store’s air conditioning at a high rate than need be simply to loose the heat of the lighting.

New retail lighting solutions include roof mounted LED grids which can replace the traditional multi way fluorescent tube housings found in removable panel type ceiling structures. These same LED grids can be used to perform backlighting functions on promotion or advertising panels. A wide selection of LED tube replacements are now on offer for retail environments and can be used directly to achieve good results.

Many retail lighting distributors and companies are offering LED’s as an alternative without explaining the key differences in the mode of operation or being able to advise on effective drive circuits and power suppliers. Retail companies need to use a good quality supplier of LED’s who can give clear advice on how to avoid the pitfalls that can come from a poorly configured lighting transition. Retail lighting companies such as Selectronic that have been involved with LED’s from before the time their use migrated into the lighting environment can advise on some of the key points of design. A factor they can advise on is LED degradation and ways that it can be managed and planned for as well as offering a wide range of design solutions that can give optimum results.

LED retail lighting is the clear way forward but the route to utilise the  technology needs to be considered fully to get the best results. With an expected life of 50000hours, you can be sure that once completed you will have a solution for the long term!

About the Author:

At Selectronic, we offer retail lighting solutions, custom digital signage, electronic signs for the Retail market.

Article Source: ArticlesBase.com – The Move to LED Lighting in Retail

Dry Fit Retail

Dry Fit Retail