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Dri Fit Track

Dri Fit Track
My Wardrobe?

Tell me if I have a good amount of clothes for my age. I’m 17/Senior in HS. (all items are estimates)

12 Pairs of Sneakers
50 T-Shirts
14 Polos
30 Hoodies
4 Track Jackets
9 Pairs of Sweatpants
3 Pairs of Jeans
3 Pairs of boardshorts
20 Pairs of shorts
0 Pairs of skirts/dresses
4 Nice Shirts/Button ups/Blouses
8 Pairs of Capris/Crops
9 Pairs of Sunglasses
4 New Era Fitted’s
1 Jean Jacket
1 A&F Fur-Lined jacket
10 Performance/Dri-Fit shirts
3 Thermals

Tell me if I have an average amount of clothes for my age? Just wondering.

OK seriously that too much.

30 hoodies what the hell!!!
i have 6

who needs 12 paris of sneakers.
12 pairs of shoe total like sneakers, sandals, dress shoes,and boots is more like it.
i have 2 pairs of sneakers.
plus the other shoes probably totaling all shoes i own to about 15 pairs.

50 t shirts
how bout i have like 15-20 tees.

why do you need 9 paris of sweatpants
i have like 4 and i’m happy with them.

who needs 20 freakin pairs of shorts.
i have lik 5

8 pairs of capris /crops
for me its like 4

usually people have more than 3 pairs of jeans.
i have like 8
and do you not have any dress pants like nice black pants you should get some.

0 skirts/dresses everyone should have at least one basic skirt you can wear with lots of different shirts and one dress at least.
i have 6 skirts and 5 dresses.

only like 4 nicer shirts. you need at least a few more.
i have like 12-15 you never know when you may need a dressy shirt and you can where them with jeans, skirts,capris, some shorts, basic black pants which i already said you should get.

your priorities for clothes are kinda messed up.
you have too much of some stuff and def not enough of others.

Dri Fit Track

Dri Fit Track