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Truckmount Steam Carpet Cleaning Vs. Dry Carpet Cleaning in San Diego

Author: Gary McKay

I (Miracle Services, Inc. 619 462-3541) get the calls every week for <a href=”http://www.miracleserv.com/index.php” target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow”>Carpet Cleaning In San Diego</a> – “what method of cleaning do you use” and I have to reply – ” I use them all but I will always recommend <strong>Truckmounted Steam Cleaning</strong>”.

Many of those callers will recite to me the <strong>Fear Marketing Spin </strong>that the <strong>Chemical Dry</strong> company used to use: <strong>Wet Evil, Dry Good.</strong>

I’m a patient man but I have problems with people who can not use common sense &amp; basically are sheep. We must think everything through before we make decisions and before we take anyone’s marketing or advertisements for gospel truth, we must do our research!

Before you get agitated at me let me explain a few things to you. I use all methods of cleaning, I have almost every system there is, just ask my wife who is barely able to fit her car into our garage and ask her what she thinks of me for investing in useless equipment that collects dust.

I started my business with all methods and cut my teeth on commercial carpet for a lot of years trying to perfect it. I have used &amp; tried everything over the years and I can &amp; will give you an unbiased opinion based on what I know first hand.

All methods are good for something and can be used successfully. Only one method is recommended by the majority of all carpet manufacturers and those that warranty the product. The single method carpet cleaner is biased &amp; has become a cult member to his/her method &amp; will convince themselves that they have found a miracle method. Some are smart enough to realize that the method they use does no really work but it is cheap &amp; saves them on overhead. Experience carpet cleaners that are in this to exceed &amp; provide quality cleaning use many methods or a combination of methods.

Hot Water Extraction(HWE) comes in two forms – Portable electric machines or Fossil Fuel powered truck-mounted machines with positive displacement vacuum blowers to provide you extreme powerful vacuum suction able to rinse carpets of large volumes of water that is required to flush &amp; rinse them clean. High heat is provided by heat exchange units or fuel sourced heaters. Portable machines are no match for Truckmounted units but are better than nothing when the truck can not reach. The problem with portable machines is that they require electricity &amp; have a habit of tripping breaker so that the high power that is required for portable machines can not be manufactured, instead low power is used to keep these machines operational.

The bottom line is Flush, Rinse, Extraction, Extraction, Extraction! Yes, a large volume of water must be used to properly clean anything. You know this because you have washed your hair in the shower before, try that with a Dry Cleaning process &amp; let me know how that went.

Next, we want the carpet to Dry Fast! After all that water flush &amp; rinse action it should dry fast because not only was all the dirt rinsed out but so was all that water! if done right by a professional – operator then it will dry fast.

So, not only do we use the evil water to flush &amp; rinse your carpets clean of all soil, bacteria &amp; residue, we also get them Dry Quick, by the time we leave or very close to it! How much quicker than the Dry Cleaner? Just as fast! The only difference is that we used a large amount of water to ensure that it was clean &amp; residue free!.

The Dry Cleaning Process – uses very little moisture, some call it “Low Moisture” but it isn’t. The rage is to apply a very fine mist of a Chemical application &amp; rub it in with a high speed Floor Buffer like Janitors use to polish floors. This is the cheap mans method, costs very little to operate and removes very little soil! This method alone does not equate to clean! Where did the soil go, where did the chemical go? There is no extraction process instead the dirt just gets rearranged. Several cheap start-up companies go this way &amp; rely on the old <strong>Fear Marketing Scams</strong> to pimp these methods. You hear fear language like <strong>Mold, Wet, Damage &amp; Shrinkage.</strong> Common sense tells you that mold requires an organic environment to grow &amp; survive but 99% of all residential carpet is <strong>Synthetic</strong>, Wet, you betcha, it takes water to get it clean but not wet for long! Damage, the 2nd most important reason that Floor Buffer Dry Cleaning will void your warranty besides it not really cleaning is that it will <strong>Damage </strong>your carpet fibers by <strong>Blooming the Tips</strong> of the fiber tips, I see it every day. <strong>Truckmount Steam </strong><a href=”http://www.thedryking.com/index.html” target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow”>Carpet Cleaning In San Diego</a> does not damage seams or carpet fibers because of the gentle cleaning method rather than the heavy aggressive floor buffer method. As far as Shrinkage goes, well as you probably already know: <strong>Synthetic Fibers</strong> do not <strong>Shrink! </strong>This is all 50’s &amp; 60″s rhetoric that has been used over &amp; over like a broken record from those that continue to use &amp; operate ancient technology &amp; try to spin it into a “<strong>New Trend Hi-Tech” cleaning method that has been just discovered.</strong>

With all the methods &amp; systems that I have you must ask yourself why a 51 year old Carpet Cleaner would rather use a very labor intensive method of cleaning, a very expensive system to operate &amp; much more time consuming compared to <strong>Dry Cleaning? </strong>It just does not make sense right? I sleep at nights knowing that I provided the very best for my clients, I’d rather take the <strong>cheap </strong>and <strong>easy</strong> route, make more money faster but it isn’t right! If you want another method of cleaning &amp; I can’t talk you out of it then I will provide you the method of your choice.

You want the d<strong>irt removed</strong>, You want <strong>no residue </strong>left in the carpet, You want is <strong>safe</strong>, You want it done <strong>professionally</strong> &amp; You want it to <strong>dry fast</strong>. Do yourself a favor if you doubt me, call me after you have it Dry Cleaned &amp; <strong>let me clean 1 room for you </strong>and I will give you back the dirty water I extracted, you can then decide if you are still skeptical.<strong>

About the Author:

Gary McKay is the owner of Miracle Services, Inc. in San Diego, California. Member of the the QCCN – Quality Carpet Cleaners Network for San Diego county. He provides Carpet Cleaning In San Diego, carpet repair, Upholstery cleaning & tile & grout service. Besides Residential Service, Miracle Services also provides a large volume of commercial service in the county. www.miracleserv.com

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