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48 Most Popular Ways to Stay Fit

Author: daveclark

1. Yoga and Fitness
Thousands of years ago, yoga started off as a means of spiritual development in ancient India. Its health benefits are so many that it has become a popular exercise the world over. The exercises have wonderful stretching effects on the muscles and ligaments of the body. It provides both physical and mental relaxation. Apart from toning the body, it activates the mind too. Yoga is a complete exercise of the body, mind and soul.

By promoting flexibility, it facilitates blood circulation and muscle tone. The muscles, ligaments and joints remain supple, hence, pain-free. Suppleness in the body keeps you younger and healthier.

2. Asthmatics and Sports
Are you a sports loving person? If unfortunately you have asthma, you may feel robbed of the fun of playing. However, there is no need to be disappointed, as you can still enjoy sports. There are many asthma- friendly sports and they can help your lungs to become stronger. These are fishing, walking, cycling, swimming, and canoeing. But, before considering any of them consult your doctor, as it may be possible that your health may not permit you these activities. Moreover, a few sports must be avoided, as they can be harmful for asthma patients. Your doctor can guide you in these matters.

3. Ride a Bicycle
Bicycling is one of the best forms of exercise to keep fit. Most of us love riding a bike, but due to our laziness or lack of time, we do not take a ride. Bicycling has several advantages, such as it makes the cardiovascular system stronger. You will become fitter, if you go for riding a bicycle over short distances. Moreover, you will inhale fresh air and enjoy nature a little more closely.

4. Jogging or Walking
Do you know jogging and walking are one of the best ways to be fit? Using stairs instead of a lift or escalator is also a form of exercise. Walking or jogging tone your muscles and are helpful in reducing stress. Moreover, they also make the heart healthier and enhance the capacity of the lungs. You will be active and look great, as your circulatory system improves. So, prefer walking and look beautiful and smart.

5. Swimming
Everyone wants to be in shape and retain his or her great physique or figure throughout life. It is not a very tough task to be in shape; the only thing it needs is sincerity of purpose and dedication. Check out for a pool in your community or local gym or YMCA OR YWCA, or your own pool. Make it a point to swim regularly, as it will help you to be in shape. Swimming is the finest way to be in shape. Attend classes on water aerobics. These exercises will make your body tight and you can put off several extra kilos. It is more fun than exercise. So, do not delay take a dive in the pool.

6. Play Tennis
Playing tennis is also a great way to reduce stress and to stay in shape. There is no need to be an expert in tennis while playing it. Your running after the ball will do a lot of good for you. It enhances the cardiovascular system and is quite helpful in reducing weight. Check out the nearest tennis court and start playing tennis. Do you not think, it is the best way to do exercise along with entertainment?

7. Dance to a tune
We all love dancing, as it requires no special skill. Just swing along the music whether it is a slow number or ballroom dance, or the fast heart pumping techno. The main thing is the movement of the body, as moving the whole body is an exercise in itself. Most of the experts consider it as one of the best ways to be fit. Therefore, play the music and start dancing.

8. Workout CDs
If you are unable to get an expert trainer or do not have the time to attend classes then buy workout CDs. These workout tapes will be a change from the regular movies you watch on your DVDs. Just play them for a few minutes daily and start following the routines. You will be astonished to see the wonderful results.

9. Flatten Your Stomach
It is a little tough to get a flat stomach, but a little extra effort can give your abdomen nice shape. Most athletes go for crunches, as they are quite effective. Bend your knees, lie on your back, flatten your feet on the ground, cross your hands across the chest, and roll towards your hips from the sternum by curling your torso. Do this exercise slowly. Repeat thrice and each time do ten crunches. Once you start enjoying this, your number of crunches and turns will increase. Do not forget to check the flatness of your abdomen.

10. Squats
For glutes, quads, hamstrings and calves, squats are the best form of exercise. You can do it by spreading your feet apart, firmly place them on the ground and then gently bend your knees. Now, as you slowly squat, take care not to go all the way down. It is a little tough but soon you will get accustomed to it. You can achieve great results in a short time.

11. Triceps Press
While exercising many people prefer to have tight arms. Their main concern is to tighten up the loose arms. Go for triceps press, it will surely help you in attaining tight arms. Firstly, stand on the ground with your feet stretched apart around two feet, bend your knees a little and over the head stretch your arms. Lock the elbows and then slowly lower your hands towards the back. Use lightweights initially for this exercise – one to five pounds will be enough. You can also use pounds of vegetables, instead of weights for this exercise. Soon you will forget those loose flabby arms and enjoy the tightness and firmness.

12. Gym
There are several people, who need proper inspiration or motivation to start exercising. It will not be possible for them to work out at home, as they do not get the appropriate atmosphere. Many people enjoy exercises at home, as they are self-motivated. But, for others there are several gyms that can motivate or inspire them. Before opting for any gym, check out the trainer, equipments and the classes. So, spend a little of your money and gain a great body in the bargain.

13. Social Circle
Do not think that going to the gym only means having a great body. It also has one more advantage. There will be a considerable increment in your social circle. You will make new friends, who also fitness freaks. Therefore, you will get motivation and enjoyment hand in hand.

14. Fitness Program

Most of us perform aerobic exercises to be in shape. However, you can balance your fitness program by adding weight training to it. Appoint an expert or a professional trainer for proper guidance and see the wonderful results in few weeks.

15. Heat Therapy

Muscle pain is a common problem these days. Several ointments are available in the market to sooth the muscle pain. The main cause for muscle pain is overwork. Due to overwork, they tighten and result in pain. The best way to cure them is through heat therapy. Heat enhances the flow of blood and relaxes the muscles. Thus, heat therapy is a great way to sooth muscular pain making the joint more flexible.

16. Stretch your muscles

Sports day is coming closer and you are very excited since you are participating in it. Well, it demands a lot of hard work. During the practice sessions, you may suffer injury due to stretching. It would be beneficial to do stretching exercises before each event, as these will prevent injuries due to stretching. Moreover, your muscles will strengthen and you will be able to stretch your muscles properly.

17. Avoid running in the sand

Most of us love running or walking on sand. However, it has some bad effects also. Running on sand requires extra force and this extra force puts pressure on the joints. You may face several problems in the knees, ankles or even the back, due to pressure on the joints. Therefore, for the sake of joints try to avoid running on sand.

18. Importance of Quality

While purchasing your training or running shoes, do not fall for the price tag. It is quite possible that shoes having a lower price will be of poor quality. Never compromise on the quality, as it may cost you your health. The shoes made from poor quality material may cause severe injury to you.

19. Warm up your body

Finally, you have decided to start exercising. Wait a minute! Do you know that before starting the exercise program you must warm up your body? For Instance, before you start running, always jog for a few minutes to warm up. After warming up you can run or exercise much better.

20. Breathing problems

It is important for asthmatics to keep an inhaler with them. In case, you are a fitness freak then you must keep an inhaler with you. Caffeine provides temporary relief to asthma, as it temporarily relaxes the bronchial constriction. One may also develop breathing problems due to their running habits. Such kind of breathing problem is called “Exercise Induced Asthma”. You must consult your doctor and do not forget to mention about your running habits.

21. Resistance

It would be beneficial to add certain resistance during your isometric workout. While doing isometrics, use special rubber bands or other such devices that will be useful.

22. Minimize the exercise program

Due to excessive work pressure or a vacation, you may miss your regular exercise program. Try not to miss your exercise program completely, and do whatever little you can manage. Minimizing the exercise program will give you the much-needed break. Moreover, if you completely stop exercising, it would be difficult for you to resume it. Thus, minimal program would make easier to resume the exercise program.

23. Exercise and summer

Now, that you are strictly following the exercise program, you will feel that exercise is so refreshing for your mind and body. The body also needs to be replenished after exercise, as it loses fluids in the form of sweat. So, do not forget to take 16 ounces of water after every 30 minutes. One should drink enough water or any sport drinks to prevent dehydration.

24. Be realistic

Now since you have decided to attain great shape by following an exercise regimen, do not expect quick results. Start off your blocks slowly and add on the workload gradually. There is no need to hurry and worry. During the initial phases, never try a hard workout, as you will not be able to continue due to injury. Always start slowly and be firm with your determination of attaining a great shape. Just keep in mind ‘Slow and steady wins the race’.

25. Fitness

Only a fit person can be consider as a healthy person. Fitness and health are directly proportional to each other. We must take proper care of our body. If we ignore our well-being, we will be sick. To stay fit follow certain rules and see you will lead a healthy life.

26. Get Motivated

Visualize how you would look after putting in all the hard work. Fix a picture of your idol on the wall to draw inspiration from him. You will feel motivated to work harder.

27. Your pregnancy exercises

No point generally to think about exercises when you are pregnant. Consult your family physician who would form a line of exercises for you to do. There are certain yoga exercises that are safe. Practice leg extension, standing curls or some other exercise, which you can do freely.

28. Keep a Track of Your Progress

Keep track of your progress. Take all the related measurements before you start an exercise regimen. Compare your measurements on a regular basis to learn of your progress.

29. Consult Physician

If you are undergoing a treatment course prescribed by your doctor, check before you mix drugs with your exercise. This may lead to ill effects like causing your heart to beat faster.

30. Cooling Down

Cooling down is as imperative to maintain after the exercise as that of warming up before exercise. When you have completed your routine, a ten minutes walk or stretch will allow your body to cool down. This is most important for the muscles joints, heart and lungs.

31. Accompany Your Dogs

Take along your dogs for long walks on a leash. Enjoy the picture outside instead of simply opening the back door just to let them go out on their own. You too will have a fair amount of exercise.

32. Light Lunch and a Walk

Take light lunch to have more leisure during your lunch hour. Enjoy brisk walk while heading back to your office. This will make you feel refreshed and charged with new energy for the afternoon.

33. Bowling is Fun and Exercise

You can try to find out if you have a bowling alley near your home. Join a bowling league to have both exercise and fun at the same time. Bowling action gives you some exercise.

34. Plans and Goals

Chalk out a neat plan for setting your goal. Divide smartly the time at your disposal to complete major workload, which you may normally do through out the year. Keep a check on your progress vis-à-vis the goals.

35. Neurobics

Researchers in the United States have coined a new term called neurobics. This relates to the ways in which the brain gets activated with its own biochemical pathways. Positive thinking has been known to generate positive energies that help get rid of disease. It energizes the whole system including the immune system.

36. Training at Intervals

Training at intervals is a nice way to gain fitness quicker. You may also lose weight fast. Instead of having a steady workout pace, it is better to introduce intensity variations through intervals. This is good for your fitness and keeps your interest intact.

37. System of breath in-breath out

The point at issue is what breathing is to do with fitness. Precisely breathing has a lot to do with fitness. When you are exercising, you need to maintain a proper breathing pattern to help oxygen reach all parts of the body. A rhythmic pattern also ensures endurance during a workout.

38. Friends Circle

Motivate your family and friends to join and support your fitness program. This would mean to have full support from your family, where they need to respect you to reach your goal and not offer food, which clashes with your health program needs. You may try to explain what kind of encouragement you wish to have from your family and friends.

39. Age Limit

Most naturally there would be a vast difference between young people and old people. When you are not so young, you may not be able to overcome an obstacle, which is no big deal for a youngster. Do not be disappointed, you can substitute one activity for another that is compatible with your physical condition.

40. Diabetes and effective exercises

People with diabetes can think of aerobics exercises. These exercises help a diabetes patient to maintain normal health. Exercise and proper eating habits can help maintain normal glucose metabolism. Before embarking on an exercise regimen, it will be advisable to consult your doctor in the matter.

41. Injuries Caused by Golf

Golf as sport is not high impact, but injuries are a part of the sport. A golfer will normally suffer a torn rotator cuff. As a preventive measure, keep your muscles strong and flexible. Even some elementary stretching exercises can you help immensely. Practice a slow, smooth turn when you start to stretch, hold for 30 seconds and come back slowly to the point of origin. Stretching exercises are a must before and after a game.

42. Stretching the body and mind

Stretch your body before and after exercise to warm it up and cool it down. Simultaneously you may have to stretch your mind too. Your body performs better when your mind is in a relaxed state. Listening to soothing music, and doing relaxed deep breathing relaxes the mind.

43. Gym Equipment

If you have made up your mind to get fit, and are thinking of buying some equipment, you can survey the market. Make a list of things you require. Take an expert along with you who knows all about gym equipment because there are some sellers who would offer you a big discount on equipments just to pass on equipment that may not be in good working order. However, most people dealing in the sales of equipment are honest.

44. Beauty Lies within You

A universal truth goes like god creates the human body, and as a matter of fact everybody is built differently. When you talk about beauty it is within you, and you have to maintain the same in order. It is only you who can define how much you are in love with yourself. So long you eat the right food, keep all good habits, do exercises, you will remain healthy. Do not be carried away by star models of Hollywood, when you watch them in glamour magazine covers. Do the maximum you can do for the inside beauty than to think of outside beauty.

45. Let the Sweat Flow

Sweat is a very important eliminatory process of the body that gets rid of toxic wastes. It is your natural air conditioner too. As sweat dries, it cools the body down. You will find many advertisements in the paper and on TV promoting deodorant products for exercise. There is no point using them. Let your sweat flow freely and naturally.

46. Prevention is better than cure

When you are exposed to outdoor heat or are subjected to indoor suffocation, you can fall prey to heat related illnesses. The body at this point needs water to recover itself from water loss. Drink a lot of water, because the accumulated heat inside can cause heat stroke. Prevention is better than cure. Keep yourself away from outdoor heat and take a lot of fluids. Immediately consult your physician, if you feel ill.

47. Your Pulse Rate

While you exercise, it is desired that you keep a proper track of your pulse rate with the help of a pulse measure. If you do not have a pulse measure, use your first three fingers of one hand and place them on the wrist of the other hand just below the thumb along the outer edge. Measure the pulse beat for a minute. A rested normal body has a pulse rate of 72 beats per minute. While exercising the pulse rate goes up. The pulse rate quickly recovers in a healthy body when you stop the exercise.

48. Be Safe

It is better to be safe than sorry. Protect yourself with all the protective gear prescribed for the sport you are playing. Do not be careless in this regard. Head guards, groin guards, shin guards, gloves etc. are all examples of protective gear. You may be injured if you are not well protected. Fatalities do occur at times in rough contact sports. So, it is better to exercise caution.

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Dave Clark is a freelance article writer and has been in the industry for many years, he has written many books and is very knowledgeable in various fields, Dave also works for Cushy Sofa a supplier of Memory Foam Mattresses, Memory Foam Toppers, Memory Foam Pillows, Divans and Memory Foam Sofas

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