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Dri Fit Navy

Dri Fit Navy
What do u think of my school’s track n field team attire?

what do u think of it? does it looks nice?


I’m in the track n field team, cross country. The navy/yellow/red dri-fit material singlet n navy short is what my team wears for training n cross country events.

It’s quite comfy as the material is quite thin n breathable. Ideal for outdoor training n runs, since the climate in my country is tropical, therefore its hot like summer all year round.

But during long runs, i perspire profusely until my singlet n shorts get soaking wet n the fabric kinda clings to my skin, which is a bit unpleasant. Does this bothers u? (for those who take part in x-country or long runs like marathon)

I agree that cotton seems to work best when you are soaking wet.
In your case the dri fit clings and becomes almost see through when soaked.
It is very expensive compared to other materials.

Dri Fit Navy

Dri Fit Navy

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