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Dri Fit Bra

What Kind of Bra Should I Buy After My Breast Augmentation?

Author: Dr. Robert Kenevan

Copyright (c) 2007 Dr. Robert Kenevan

Buying your first bra after your breast augmentation surgery is exciting, and it should be! You finally made the decision to get the larger, fuller breasts you were dreaming about. For some women, they wanted more than just a little bit off fullness, they wanted huge breast implants. Regardless of which breast implant size you chose, every woman needs to have the correct fitting bra.

The women with larger than average breast implants and smaller than average frames report that the novelty of bra shopping really wears off–fast. If you are small-boned and are getting medium to large implants you may find that bra shopping can becomefrustrating.Although, it is a lot easier now that bra companies are realizing that they need bigger cups and smaller band sizes due to the popularity of the number of women choosing large breast implants.

Important: choosing a proper fitting Bra.

It is very important that you wear a proper fitting bra. Many believe in formulas which determine your exact bra size, and while this can help and be the right place to start, each woman and her breasts, are different. It doesn’t take long wearing a certain bra for you to figure out if it does or does not fit you right

Finding the perfect bra isn’t impossible after your breast enhancement procedure, it just may be a little more difficult. It is very important to find one which properly fits your frame and supports your breasts.

Tips for finding the perfect bra:

*If your bra band is riding up in the back and if you find your self trying to lift your breasts by shortening your shoulder straps you are only doing your breasts a disservice.

*Also very important, when buying a new bra it should fit snugly on the last setting (the loosest hook set) this way when your bra stretches with wear you can fasten it tighter if needed on the next two settings.

*If you find post-operatively that your bras bag at the nipple area, try purchasing a bra with Lycra in it which will conform to the breasts.

*If you have that horrible look, where your breasts have been split in two and spilling over and out of your bra, you may need a larger cup size.

*Do your breasts fall out when you bend over? You may need more coverage.

*Bra Care: It is best to either, hand-wash and line dry your bras, or machine wash inside of a lingerie bag and line dry to extend the life of your bras. High heat will weaken elastic and ruin your bras.

Be sure to re-measure yourself in the event of weight gain or loss, even if 7 to 10 lb, pregnancy, or simply as time goes by. Measurements can vary over the years. Getting the advice of a professional bra fitter is important in the long term appearance of your breasts.

About the Author:

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Dri Fit Bra

Dri Fit Bra