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Double Dry Semi

Double Dry Semi
Do you know what double eyelid glue is? WHY IS IT SO HARD TO USE?

i watched a few videos, and they don’t help.
i let the glue dry then i start poking it in, “my lashes get stuck onto the glue”.
i tried double layering it, same issue, or even semi dry, same issue again.
tips and advices anyone?
i tried a few times and i never get to wear it out because it “becomes so uneven”, as if my eyes been punched out, help me achieve that natural look.
p.s. and of course i’ll be applying some make up on top =)
tell me how you apply it, and how well it worked for you. please also tell me how long it lasted for before having to wash out.
also, will the crease go away if i go swimming, or will i sweat it off in the heat? please let me know.

It just takes practice. If its getting onto your lashes you’re probably using too much. A dab of it usually works and it helps if you place it strategically like a small bit about .5 cm from the inner corner of your eye works. Otherwise Just remember to keep your eyes open and try NOT to blink until the glue dries.

_( o )_ x=dabs

hope the diagram doesn’t look retarded.

I’ve used lash glue and it works just as well.

Double Dry Semi

Double Dry Semi