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Double Dry Fitness

Double Dry Fitness

Wall Mounted Airer – How to Realise your Full Drying Potential

Author: Jean Forsyth

Every home needs a space to dry laundry. Finding the space can be a simple task if you are a small household of just one or two but as the family size grows the need for space becomes a far greater concern, as does the need to dry larger quantities of laundry.

I can almost guarantee that you don’t make full use of the space in your home. Practically everyone I know will tell me how little room they have and how they cannot fit a clothes airer into the chaos of their home.

The solution is to utilise empty or dead space by using the “double decker” method of mounting clothes airers. This gives maximum drying space using higher and lower drying positions. The upper airer can be loaded with shirts, cardigans, dresses etc all on hangers while the lower airer can be loaded with smaller items such as underwear, baby clothes, socks, towels. This “double decker” method encourages the use of empty wall space in your home. It is an efficient way of increasing your drying space while maintaining floor space.

If there is sufficient wall space you can create a laundry room with a warm radiator along the foot of the wall and a row of “double decker” wall mounted airers to take a whole series of washing. The best type of wall mounted airer to purchase for the “double decker” method is the expanding/pull out kind so that when not in use the airers can be pushed back against the wall keeping your home looking tidy and running efficiently.

Other space solving solutions when it comes to indoor drying include indoor washing lines that fix onto one wall and pull out to attach to the opposite wall creating a vast amount of drying space and not using any precious floor space. If you prefer your airer to be mobile you can get floor standing airers that will fit inside the bath which utilises another often dead/empty space.

When it comes to indoor drying the space saving possibilities are endless.

About the Author:

Jean Forsyth writes articles for airers4you. She is a housewife with a passion for all things environmentally friendly. To see a great range of airers click here.

Article Source: ArticlesBase.com – Wall Mounted Airer – How to Realise your Full Drying Potential

Double Dry Fitness

Double Dry Fitness

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