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Double Dry Cotton

Double Dry Cotton
Question about dry cleaning (at the Dry Cleaners)?

I just took 17 pieces there for my wife and I and didn’t pay a ton of attention but knew shirt 17 was a men’s cotton button down (for a suite) which I alwasy do “laundry”. The woman basically counted that one too in her total and was going to dry clean them all. I said this isn’t dry clean and she said oh yea you’re right. And then I said now I’m not so sure about the rest of the pile but she assured me it was all dry cleaning. It got me to thinking which one’s are really ok to do “laundry” vs dry clean bc the price is like triple to dry clean. And then it got me thinking how expensive dry cleaning is in general and if you dry cleaned a $40 shirt regularly you’ll in no time double the cost of that shirt. Just wanted to be wise on the subject so any explanation on when to dry clean vs. do as “laundry”.

p.s. feel like an idiot saying this but I’m not even exactly sure what “laundry” means at the dry cleaners. Machine wash with ironing I guess.

Yeah, dry cleaning is expensive. It is very labor intensive and at least half of the cost you incur goes to paying people (which includes taxes and benefits). An expensive washing machine/dryer combo will cost about $3,000. A really cheap dry cleaning machine will cost about $45,000. Water costs pennies a gallon; cleaning fluids cost at least $9.00 a gallon. Add in rent, insurances (more than one type is usually necessary), supplies (hangers, plastic covers, etc.)…well, you get my point by now.

As with any service, it is up to you to decide whether it is worth it to you. Heck, I can mow my own lawn, but I pay someone else to do it.

True, many “dry clean only” garments can be washed. However, if the garment is damaged by washing, you will have no recourse to the manufacturer (by getting a refund).

Probably the biggest service dry cleaners offer is pressing/ironing. How long would it have taken you to iron all 17 garments you mention?
See what I mean by “worth it?”

P.S. If there is a “dry cleaning smell” on your clothes after you pick them up, then you are going to the wrong cleaner.

Double Dry Cotton

Double Dry Cotton