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Couture Tracksuit Blue

Couture Tracksuit Blue
is this juicy couture tracksuit fake?

just have a look and judge yourself. thanks for your help.


dats a hard 1 n i no fakes!!

but the tag looks wrong n tha tracksuit is very cheap..x

it’s on ebay i’d just say go to a trusted website or store that sell juicy n buy 1 frm there, yooh might need 2 save up but at least that way yooh will be sure..x

places that sell authentic juicy are..



www.net-a-porter.co.uk (cud be .com cant remember..x)

www.cricketliverpool.co.uk (i live in liverpool great store..!x)

a juicy couture boutique

some department stores such as macys, nordstrom <– (have a good clearence check it out..x) etc..x


Couture Tracksuit Blue

Couture Tracksuit Blue