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Couture Black Handbag

Couture Black Handbag

What You Need To Complete Your Arsenal Of Handbags

Author: Megan Hazel

The first on every girl’s list of bags to own is the bag she is going to carry every day. True, most women have a number of these bags and would never even consider limiting their selection to one daily bag. If you are like most, you have three or four different handbags that are casual and they hang in your closet in various neutral shades and shapes.

The most popular color for your everyday handbag is going to be black. There are few people who carry a purse that isn’t black, whether it’s your everyday handbag or one for a special occasion. This is followed closely by brown. Either in dark or light, tan or sand, sable or chocolate tone, this is a great color for a bag. Also, a shade of white or off-white for summer can work really well. Other popular colors are an eggplant or dark brick red for fall and winter months and bright pastels or primary colors for the spring and summer months. Particularly popular in the last couple of warm seasons have been a lime green, coral, or light powdery blue.

Your most casual bags will not often be plaids or patterns or prints, although they do appear. These are most often seen in the workforce, and are quite popular with briefcase- type bags and ladylike purses that go well with suits and business attire. Houndstooth, a Burberry print, or other classics are what you will find in your everyday business arsenal of handbags.

As for shapes and sizes, the more popular casual styles are the tote and the hobo bags. This makes sense, as you are often lugging around a great number of ‘necessities’ on a daily basis. Whether it’s for business or leisure, a woman knows that she needs various sundries on hand at all times! With an evening bag, you may be able to get away with a cell phone, a credit card, cash and a lipstick, but when you are running errands or visiting somewhere you know you are going to stay for an extended time, you need much more than that at the ready! The same applies for business, of course. The tote, then, is appropriate because of its size and the hobo is a great choice because of its ability to expand.

Once you have the casual bag (or bags) down, a lady must have a proper evening bag. Preferably, you will have one to four of these. They are all going to be small bags, but they can vary in style from the clutch to the chain link purse to the rope-handled elegant number. The best arsenal you can have to be ready for any outfit, and any event, is to be prepared with four bags: a different evening bag in black, silver, gold, and a light reflecting bag such as a clear sequined bag or a crystal bag. Of course, all of these evening bag options are going to be small in size and it matters not whether they are cylinder shaped, square boxes, round oval purses or something in between. They are all elegant choices, and the key here is to carry the one that best suits your gown or dress.

You may be wondering what other bags could be left after covering the casual everyday bag and the evening bag. What about that mid-sized bag that you would like to have for the “in-between” occasion, so to speak? If you are headed to a luncheon, a baby shower, or a family party, you would look silly carrying the tiny evening bag and there is certainly no need to carry a large tote or hobo. In fact, it may even clash with your outfit altogether depending on the size of your everyday bag! For these occasions, you will want something a bit different.

Generally, leather will be your best bet for this handbag. Again, a neutral color would be the best choice but you can certainly go with a print or colored solid for these special occasion type bags that are not quite ‘fancy’. It can be a wood-handled bag to give it a bit of an extra decorative touch, or a medium-length strappy bag, or an over-the-shoulder bag that is similar to your everyday bag but not quite as large. The styles that are most popular for this bag are satchels and larger clutch bags, but small totes work well too. The slouchier bags are just a bit too casual to do the trick for this part of your arsenal.

If you are fortunate enough to be able to afford between five and ten good handbags, you should be well on your way to completing your arsenal. Should you find yourself needing to limit your choices, your very best bets are two casual bags (one light and one dark), two evening bags (one black and one your metal of choice), and a special event bag thrown in for good measure!

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Couture Black Handbag
Couture Black Handbag
Couture Black Handbag

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