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Cotton Tank Top

Cotton Tank Top

Cotton Hat Styles… The Many Choices To Choose From!

Author: Meryl Rougeaux

Do you know! Hats are one of the hot summer fashion trends for teenagers. They are easily available in different styles like cotton hat, winter hats, embroidered caps, kangol hats, cowboy hat, sun hats, trucker hats, straw hats, ladies hats, headwear, flexfit hats, baseball caps, top hats …. They all look cool and give any outfit a finished look. Besides being a piece of fashion, a summer cotton hat can help to keep your child cool on even the hottest days.

Cotton hat styles! Anyone with a smart fashion sense knows that wearing a great-looking hat can effectively complete an outfit. For men and women alike, a cool cotton hat can turn a plain ensemble into a hot getup. In addition, these hats are so comfortable because cotton is breathable and they are very affordable, too. While these accessories do come cheap, you can certainly wear them with style.

Cotton hats come in various styles and one of the most popular is the fisherman’s hat. Its recognizable design is timeless and remains a favorite not just among seafarers but fashion-conscious men and women alike. These hats usually come in the neutral colors of navy, white and black but they are available in a variety of colors and even prints.

For women, a khaki or white fisherman hat would look great when paired with a simple fitted white tee or tank top and baggy cargo pants or low cropped pants with flared legs. Complete your casual getup with a pair of gladiator sandals or some other white strappy leather flats.

For men, a white fisherman’s hat is the perfect accessory to top off an outfit consisting of a pair of knee-length shorts and a matching short-sleeved shirt. Put on a pair of white boat shoes or sneakers and you have a casual but sharp look that is perfect for various weekend activities.

Another style of cotton hat that you can wear is the golf hat, which has a fun design that is made even funkier by all the available patterns and colors. A plaid golf cap matches a punk getup while a neutral-colored one will match a preppy outfit.

Women can achieve the preppy look using a golf-cap style cotton hat by wearing it with a polo shirt, a nice pair of city shorts and canvas sneakers. A cotton golf cap worn with tailored khakis, a button-down shirt and loafers will do the trick for men.

Other pretty choices in cotton hats are bucket hats and knitted hats, which can all add a touch of whimsy to your outfit. Of course, baseball caps never go out of fashion and you have countless designs to choose from in this category. A baseball cap may be ordinary but depending on its design, it can be a nice addition to your wardrobe.

For the summer, women can exude celebrity chic with large brimmed summer cotton hats. Not only will this hat protect your face and eyes from the sun, it is also incredibly stylish. Rimmed cotton hats are also available for men. When starting your hat collection, buy the plain and neutral-colored ones first. You will find that they easily complement many of your wardrobe pieces.

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For the preppy look on women, wear
colorful cotton hats
with city shorts, a polo shirt, and white canvas sneakers. A great hat that is inexpensive and easy to find in a variety of colors and patterns is a
golf cotton hat
. It can look more urban funk and preppy conservative depending on what you pair it with.

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Cotton Tank Top

Cotton Tank Top

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