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Cotton Racer Back

Cotton Racer Back
can anyone identify a black racer from a cotton mouth? easy 10 points!?

my mom saw a baby snake sunning itsself on the ledge of our house. i wasnt there to see it and she doesnt know if it was a black racer or a cotton mouth. my mom wants to know what color stomachs a black racer has. how this effects the situation i dont know. but does anyone know?thanks!

If you’re around water, I would say it was a cottonmouth, which because they spend a lot of time in water, have to sun to keep high temperatures in order to digest their food.

Cottonmouths reach 30 to 48 inches (76 to 122 cm) in length, occasionally up to 74 inches (1.8 m). The back is dark olive or black, the belly is paler. On young animals the back is marked by bands with dark borders and paler centers. This pattern is usually lost in older individuals. The snout is always pale, and there is usually a dark vertical line by each nostril. The banding pattern in the young may be striking.

Juvenile Black Racer

The racer is the only large, black snake in New England with smooth scales. Its chin, throat and jaw are white or gray and the belly is generally dark (gray, bluish, or black) from the throat back. Smooth scales give this snake a silky or satin-like appearance. A juvenile racer is gray with large brown, black or reddish blotches down the back, small spots along the sides and large dark eyes. The pattern fades with age, disappearing when the snake reaches 25-30 inches in length.

But as she said the stomach color can play a big role in IDing the snake. Hope the above helps. 🙂

Cotton Racer Back

Cotton Racer Back