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Cooling Skins Guard

Cooling Skins Guard
What was the scene in director Renny Harlan’s MINDHUNTERS you thought was most frightening?

-The scene where Christian Slater gets showered by liquid nitrogen and falls into pieces while the rest of the team looks on in horror?

-The scene where Will Kemp’s head falls off (blood-drained from the body) while put to sleep after drinking coffee (w/ anesthetic)?

-The scene where L.L. Cool J. is accused of being the murderer and then Kathryn Morris?

-The scene where wheel-chair-bound Clifton Collins, Jr. is hanging on the ceiling for his life while rushing-electricity water is flooding the hallway and that L.L. Cool J. is on the jungle jim and the walls trying to shut off the water and save Clifton’s life?

-The scene where Eion Bailey gets shot in the chest and the neck by harpoons while he shuts off the water?

-The scene where Patricia Velasquez bleeds and burns to death on a pier after smoking an acid-laced cigarette while the team looks on in horror?

-The scene where Kathryn Morris, L.L. Cool J., and Johnny Lee Miller hear a strange voice over the loudspeaker (presumably the killer’s voice) and follow the voice within areas of the remote island, and into a basement, where the wizard of oz behind the curtain turns out to be Val Kilmer’s dead gruesome body hangs by sharp hooks, dead security guards stabbed to death with throats slit, and a video shown with him injured and tortured (he is not the killer). Val on the screen confronts somebody on the video saying “Finish it you child!”, and a person’s dark clothed back blocks the screen, a knife swishing noise, and the sound of Val screaming as the screen shuts off, and then Val’s body moving around under control like a puppet with music and his skin ripping from the hooks. That scene?

-The scene where Clifton Collins, Jr. fires his gun in the elevator when a figure approaches which explodes and backfires killing him instantly leaving large pools of blood?

-The scene where L.L. Cool J. attacks Kathryn Morris and Johnny Lee Miller and L.L. fight?

-The scene where Johnny Lee Miller (the killer) attacks Kathryn Morris who fight in the swimming pool?

Tell me which scene you think is frightening after seeing the film MINDHUNTERS!

The first one you mention. We didn’t expect him to die, especially in that manner.

Cooling Skins Guard

Cooling Skins Guard