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No.08 Coach Madison Ikat Op Art Pouch

Author: Tommy Martin

Till recently, Coach has been doubted no longer in first class of luxury brands. Especially the investors in luxury leather goods maker Coach Inc. saw their shares tumble earlier this week when the company announced that profit fell 14% in its second fiscal quarter. In this tough economic climate, Coach has to protect its brand identity focusing on full-price products at low price points. Anyway, that is good news for us fashionistas!

Look at this Madison Ikat Op Art Pouch. The price on Coach Website is $158. It must be lower in the entity, yet the meticulous op art detailing shows it is should be worth more than that. Their baguette style is indeed one of the most popular types from their collection. It can be definitely toted anytime of the day since it does not look like the elegant evening clutch or the casual hobo. It holds a dimension at 8 3/4 (L) x 6 (H) x 3 1/2 (W). Vintage Ikat Op-Art print fabric with no other embellishments or design, it is Simple and ladylike.

What holds my eyes is the beautiful color- pink and gold. Pink is like a combination- between girl and woman. Its silhouette is full-blown, yet its color is girlishly. Dreamy, adorable, and vigorous. It is suitable for young lady on duty. Gold is mellow and sumptuous. It expresses sophisticated and easy life, like a wisdom woman through the long-term effort, now enjoying the happiness.

No matter which one you like, it is obvious a good chance to collect Coach Madison Ikat Op Art Pouch. Since the economy does not go into a deep recession, the customers are going to be more confident and cautious. More and more “price sensitive” consumers will better respond to items between $200 and $300. And obviously, this kind of bags will be hot!

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Coach Madison
Coach Madison
Coach Madison

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