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Club Tee Tank

Club Tee Tank
First time going to a club!?

Alright, so we’re going to a really hott club Saturday night.
Their dress code:
No Boots
No Hats or Headgear of any kind
No Baggy Clothing
No Long Shirts
No White Tee Shirts
No Logos
No Labels
No Hoods
No Athletic Wear
No Jerseys
No Tank Tops
No Camouflage
No Ripped/Torn Clothing

So now it seems like I have nothing to work with! Any ideas on what I should wear? I’m more on the side of a plus sized girly..but not too big. Dirty blonde, fair skin..already about 5’6″ tall..

And I think heels will drive me crazy all night, are flats acceptable in a club? If ya’ll think I should wear heels then I will!
Alright, it seems like a dress is the main pick!

One like this? I read somewhere that wrap dresses flatter fuller figures the best! Maybe paired with some red heels and red accessories? What do you think?

I agree. A dress is cute and definitley wear heels. I’d rather wear cute pants with a nice blouse, and heels of course.

Club Tee Tank

Club Tee Tank