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Christmas Planner Journal

Planner Journal

Journal Christmas Memories

Author: Dorothy Krusky

First, download the Christmas Planner at http://www.siscanbooks.com Siscan Books website and print any pages you would like to use to help you with your Christmas season plans. Second, as the busy season is upon us, jot down all the people, events, costs, shopping, menu plans and any other pertinent notes that occur during the season. Third, since you now have all the information gathered into one book while being so busy during the Christmas season, you can relax, knowing that you did not miss any detail because it has been documented so well already.

Christmas journals are great to be read on the next Christmas Eve to the family, just like a traditional read for the children. For example, a journal entry may read;

“On Christmas Eve, we gathered our three children, Amanda age 2, Jeffery age 4 and Tara age 7, as we do every year, around the Christmas tree for the annual Christmas Eve story. Only this year, we purchased a new book called “The Christmas Cat”! What a hit this story was with the children this year. They were truly captured by the magic of Christmas in this delightful and heartwarming story. They begged us to read it FOUR times! Their little eyes just danced and glowed in the shine of the Christmas lights as we sat on the floor beside the Christmas tree with presents all around us. What a loving experience and joy for a parent to share this storybook with the children. After reading it on Christmas Eve, the children have insisted on continuing to read it several times through out the rest of the holiday season. Then, as part of the Christmas tradition, the children agreed that we would pack The Christmas Cat storybook away with all our other Christmas treasures, only to look forward to next Christmas Eve to bring back those shining young faces and to feel the pleasure of being a parent once again during the most exciting season of the year!”

What a wonderful idea to create an annual family tradition. Merry Christmas to all!

About the Author:

Dorothy Krusky was born in Guelph, Ontario in 1956. As a child she enjoyed playing games and going on adventures. Coming from a large family there was always material readily available.
She dabbled in the various areas of education her most proud moment was when she received her high school diploma in her mid forties. She went on to further her education in Creative Writing and Computer studies.
Her love of animals, nature and people has allowed her to express herself through her poetry. She enjoys writing for children. The Christmas Cat written in 2005 is her first book that has won many rave reviews.
She resides in the small community of Hanmer, Ontario where one can often find her immersed in her writing.

Article Source: ArticlesBase.com – Journal Christmas Memories

Planner Journal
Planner Journal
Planner Journal

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