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Home Maintenance & Repairs Questions and Answers

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Does anyone know why my laundry drain is finance up but not the fundamental drain?
The main line which is the shower, toilet and sink contained by the bathroom is draining fine to the street. The laundry room line which is the washer and my kitchen sink backs up when in recent times a little bit of water is used. I’ve snaked this rank and…

Does anyone know..?
Does anyone know the law or what i can do regarding my neighours side of the obstruction which is falling apart and needs replacing its rotten, i have a small dog which i am worried that she will seize out, I live in a very nice council house but subsequent…

Does anyone own an floor furnace (geothermal furnace)?
i am wanting to know if anyone has one and how well they work,, im thinking of getting one.. they are around 14,000… does anyone know of cheaper unit.. thanks for responding

Does anyone own an hypothesis on what is cause this problem(a/c)?
I have a window part that’s just started making squealing sounds from what I am assuming to be the fan. I don’t want to mess near it myself unless it’s something super simple. I also don’t want to be taken for a ride if I hire an expert. What…

Does brand current nouns conditioners own that “unusual coupé smell”?
We just got a untried air conditioner installed in today and it’s style of hard to explain but you can smell how new it is (I’m asking because it’s making me sick to my stomach.) Is that adjectives when air conditioners are installed? Thanks 🙁

Does closing some of the vent on a home next to Central A/C defile the condenser?
If a really big house in central Texas have central Air Conditioning and there are a couple of “currently not contained by use,” back bedrooms…is it wise to close the vent in the rooms that don’t need to be cooled right immediately? I think it’s a really good hypothesis…

Does homeowners insurance cover our refrigerator if it get hit by lightning? And what would the process be?
The freezer won’t freeze anything, there is no ice surrounded by the ice maker- its just marine, and everything is melting and spoiling. I believe it got hit by lightning the other dark in a storm we had. Will Homeowners cover it?

How can I attain hold of stair spindles to meeting the existing ones?
The spindles are Victorian and have a square shape surrounded by the middle. I was quoted lb40 respectively to have them turned at Champion Timber. Can I do it any cheaper or does anyone know where on earth I can get some which own been salvage?

How can I break a dishwasher…?
to the point that it can’t be fixed, but without letting them know that I broke it? In other words, I can’t appropriate a sledge hammer to it. I’m asking because my proprietor is screwing me over within several ways and I think I deserve a unsullied dishwasher….

How can I bring more control over my shower heat?
I recently moved into an outmoded house with an behind the times free-standing tub that has a shower sort of “tack on.” I would guess that the two-handle faucet is 10-20 years old. I do not know the brand, but I do know that I do not see…

How can I build a protection on my flat roof, where on earth the neighbours maintain throwing gabage from highly developed floors?
I have a two story building beside a flat roof. Our neighbouring building is 9 story elevated. The tenants of 9 story building have been throwing bricks, and other scrap on my flat roof. In doing so so they have dog-eared my flat roof, that is presently…

How can i capture rid of pigeons contained by my attic ineradicably but long plenty that i can repair the soffit at the roof?
i want to do this humanely and i don’t want to exterminate them if possible

How can I capture the flow on my Reverse Osmosis sytem running again?
I changed the filters on my R/O systems yesterday, including the membrane for the first time. When I be done and turned on the water, I have forgotten to open the bring valve and drained adjectives of the watter out of the line and it quit working. I…

How can I carry the wager on rotten of my Kenmore washer?
I tried to take the hindmost off to replace a member. Finally had to lay it on its support and the repair was unforced. But I must have pinched the vacuum hose trying to procure the back rotten. The washer overfills now. Kenmore’s back used to…

How can I catch SPRAY-PAINT rotten on CONCRETE?
It isn’t really thick, or anything… but, it’s green and unsightly. Were be going to try taking a wire bristle brush to it…. but is in that anything more effective I can try?

How can I clear a clogged kitchen sink?
I wann try using Liquid Plumber but The directions dont make sence.Read: For those truly disgusting clogs manage for Professional Strength Liquid-Plumr(R) Gel Clog Remover. Not only is the bottle jammy to hold, but it has a patented formula that removes twice the gunk it used to*. It’s specially…

What can I do almost a neighbours Ariel on the chimney pot we share explicitly scrape and making abundantly of reverberation?
It is loose, and when the wind get up (as it does often here) it blows roughly speaking and scrapes the pot, sending the clamour right down the lum and it gets really bleak sometimes. We have mentioned it to her several times and nil has happen – her…

What can I do around a rusted spot on the rack contained by my dishwasher?
At some point before we bought this house within must have be a cut or something in the rubbery coating on the rack, and in a minute it is about an inch wide-ranging and the metal underneath is rusted. What can I do about this?

What can I do if the pressure gage shows a pressure smaller number than 0.5 slab but the system is full?
worcester 28 cdi, no hot water or important heating, no wet going into the system through the filling knob, radiators bleed normal, red lights flash, override button does not modify anything

What can i do just about massive static electricity within my apt?
there is so much static electricty everything shocks you. the oil lamp switches, handles to the sink hell even the sink itself, a roll of tin foil i even get shocked by a candy bar wrapped surrounded by foil. These aren’t little shocks either, they run WACK and you can…

What can I do roughly speaking hose leak through the door? URGENT!?
There’s construction going on in my house right very soon, and the construction workers we hired are horrible. They tore down our back door and put a wood panel at hand. It’s completely sealed bad, except for the bottom, where ALOT of wet is leaking into my house when it…

What can I do roughly the smell coming from the drain surrounded by our subterranean vault floor?
We’ve only lived surrounded by our home for 9 months, the house is roughly 30 yrs old. We enjoy never had a put money on up in our crypt. However, there is a drain within the floor of our basement that from time to time omit a strong…

What can I do to bring untried energy to kitchen countertop that’s laminate w/o spending too much $$?
It’s a dullish cream color and is cipping in some spots along the turn-up. Can it be painted or anything?

What can I do to force my apt. tenant to repair my roof?
I’ve told them 3 times about the overflow to no avail, and it continues to worsen. Now the roof is caving surrounded by, with chunks falling on the floor directly within front of my front door (outside my apartment, but in the building). I meditate mold is beginning to grow…

What can I do to my floor to be paid natural life easier for my downstairs neighbor that complains going on for stomping?
I try to walk softly, but this apartment building is so prehistoric and the floor creeks everywhere. My roommate is heavy footed and she looks miserable whenever I describe her to stop stomping. She’ll respond with, “I’m not stomping!” We be downstairs cooking and cleaning the kitchen…

What can I do to save my door step from freezing when the eve-troth is melt on it?
During the day my frozen eve-troth is melt and dripping on my door step and causing it to become extreamly slippery, how can I prevent or fix this cheep and eaisly?

Why does my stroke sea smell of asphault contained by the morning contained by south phoenix?
Why would my tap hose down smell like this? I enjoy only notice it in the kitchen. but not the bathroom nor hold i noticed it outside from the hose.

Why does my toilet hose down look carbonated?
For the past few weeks the sea in the toilet bowl have looked carbonated. There are little tiny bubbles all over the bottom of the bowl. I’m assuming this mechanism there is something wrong next to either my plumbing or the marine…. can anyone shed some light on…

Why does my toilet maintain getting plugged even though I’ve gotten a current one?
The toilet flushes badly (slow) and we constantly own to plug it. We used a snake and didn’t find anything. We thought it might have be the toilet itself and bought a new toilet. It worked better, but we still have to hold the flush down for quite some time…

Why does my trane heat component surrounded by attic preserve popping circuit breaker?
there is a 60 amp fuse within attic and 60 amp fuse in breaker panel, i reset the one surrounded by the attic and the one on the breaker panel pops. can this be a bad fuse or do i obligation to dwell deeper or call electrician or trane repair…

Why does my waterfountain not work?It is a small one. I hold taken it apart saw that the enthusiast is turning.?
The water is giant. The moter vibrates. The hoses are not clogged.The switch is turned on to the most forceful height. What is the problem!!!?

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Champion Shape Vented

Champion Shape Vented