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Concentration – The Lost Art Of The Champion Body Builder

Author: Ben Kong

Concentration. Do you have it when you train? How proficient are you at this vital skill?

The reality is that the quality of your results will depend largely on your ability to concentrate while you train. In fact concentration is one of the most important skills to develop. It’s just as important to transforming your body as nailing your physical execution in the ‘big 3’.

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The modern gym or worse ‘health club’ is full of distractions. Phones, music, televisions, and a menagerie of assorted people – it’s an assault on the senses and can easily retard your results if you are not careful.

Serious training requires focus. In order to move the most weight safely and effectively you need your brain to be 100% on the job to fire your muscles with everything you’ve got. Don’t add to the already long list of distractions by needlessly chatting and wasting time when you should be training. A very simple concept but it needs to be addressed as so many people don’t realize how much they are costing themselves in the long run over time.

You may seriously want to consider a no talking rule for yourself while you train. Make your training time, your time. Really focus on the task at hand. You’ll be surprised how when you really begin to concentrate, your weights on every exercise will increase.

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Your ultimate goal is to concentrate so well on completing each and every rep that a bomb could go off and you wouldn’t lose focus. By really feeling every inch of each exercise you will also gain an awesome body awareness that will allow you to get the very most out of every movement. You will develop the critical mind to muscle link that will allow you to control your muscles precisely to create the most overload possible for faster results.

Don’t underestimate the mind to muscle link – your mind literally creates your body – what you think you become. Think about this for a second – is there anything on this planet that did not come into existence but through thought first? Look around you, your computer, the chair your sitting on, your couch, TV, car you drive and so on, all had to be thought of first before it could come into existence. So to your very own body, what you focus on about your body eventually will bring that very vision into your reality.

Finally, developing a solid foundation for concentration is essential for progressing to the more advanced levels of training to create your ultimate physique. For as you progress, you will discover that training becomes more and more a mental challenge. As the weights get heavier than you do, to the point where you are carrying double your body weight on your shoulders and squatting for reps, you will need to have honed and developed your mental approach. Once you reach this level, concentration alone will often determine whether or not you can lift the weight. Advanced techniques to overcome fear and performance visualization will come into play and your mind will play an ever more important role.

Start to develop your mind today, for the battles that lay ahead.

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About the Author:

Ben Kong is the author and co-creator of Ultimate Body Success – The Impossible To fail, Total Lifestyle System For Creating Your Best Body Ever. Click the link now to find out once and for all how to profoundly transform your body beyond belief.


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Champion Gym Essentials

Champion Gym Essentials