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Champion Action Shape

Champion Action Shape

Punch-to-punch Action at the Mgm Grand Garden – Pavlik V Taylor

Author: Claudia Beckford

Pavlik’s adventure began last February when the Youngstown-Ohio boy stunned in seven rounds former champion Taylor. A quite enough accomplishment for the 25-year-old to become the new raising star; a situation he still struggles about.

“Some of it was awesome, but there were no Bentleys or Mercedes or mansions. It became a little hectic and a little demanding on my free time. It was kind of a crazy situation. “I’m pretty much a simple guy who likes to get things done around the house. Since I won the title I haven’t really had any “me” time. But at the same time as it has been a pain in the ass, some great things have come with it.” Stated Pavlik.

The boxer is very aware of his current high profile position which could even get bigger if he completes Saturday’s rematch with Taylor. It will be no easy task as he will have to face a stronger and more determined Taylor who is also waiting to regain his share of victory to get on track for the big-money showdowns.

Taylor has stated that he knows he under-estimated Pavlik at the time but Pavlik was in great shape and ready to take the title with him. This indeed made a great difference between the champion and the contender; but now Taylor assures he is more focused and that he will get the belt back.

Many keep asking themselves whether the rematch will be as good as the first encounter as if we were to vote for the first one it would easily be named the “Fight of the Year” despite other thrillers gathering millions by the minute.

So who is the best? At first hand, we have “iron-chin” Pavlik who five months ago was the heavy underdog with a record of 32-0 / 29 KOs and whose only handicap seems to be the colour of his skin as it is still hard to believe that white kids can have excelling punching power. On the other hand; we have Taylor with a 27-1-1/ 17KOs record, a former Olympic bronze medallist who comes with an improved attitude and clear mind. Both boxers are very much alike as the odds which keep closing the gap; a certain promise we are to expect a dazzling revenge or a breathtaking title unbeaten record.

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Champion Action Shape

Champion Action Shape

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