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Another Year … Another Diary

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You resolve to stop smoking, drinking, overeating, being lazy etc. etc. on New Years Eve. You look at a gift from a friend, idly open it and find yourself staring at a beautiful diary. You resolve, to record your deeds and thoughts faithfully in the diary from the New Year onwards! Time passes on …  […]

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Christmas Planner Journal

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Journal Christmas Memories Author: Dorothy Krusky First, download the Christmas Planner at Siscan Books website and print any pages you would like to use to help you with your Christmas season plans. Second, as the busy season is upon us, jot down all the people, events, costs, shopping, menu plans and any other pertinent […]

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How to Stop Procrastinating

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So you have recognized that you have a problem, finally. Procrastination has taken over your life, and you want it back. As difficult and impossible as it may seem, it is achievable. Approach a counselor or a therapist for help, and don’t forget that the best person to help you is yourself. First, you need […]

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Daily Planner

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Have you ever forgotten an appointment or an important date? Do you think of things you need to do later but don’t remember to do them because you have no place to write them down? Do you have one place to write your most frequently used phone numbers and addresses? How would you like a […]

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Visual Journaling

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Many people are afraid of the blank page. Have you ever hesitated to draw or write in a new journal or blank book for fear of ruining it? Well I am here to tell you to fear not! I’m going to show you several ways to tackle this problem but first I would like to […]

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Your Diary: The Issue of Privacy

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There is a profound vulnerability that comes with putting your deepest feelings in black and white. Here are six ways that people who keep personal journals and diaries have handled the issue of privacy. See if you can combine these ideas in a way that makes you feel comfortable keeping your own honest personal journal. […]

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