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Save Money on Your Perfume

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How To Buy Discount Designer Perfume At Knockdown Prices Everyone loves designer perfumes, but nobody loves designer prices. Fashionable people of all types, men and women, young and old, rich and poor all want to add some class and style to themselves with the perfect designer fragrance. The use of perfumes as a symbol of […]

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How to Choose a Designer Fragrance

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Designer Perfumes and Fragrances Designer perfumes are increasingly becoming popular, especially among women who are extremely fashion conscious. When women buy designer perfumes, they think that their selected perfume fragrances will linger on for many hours. Stars who endorse the perfumes by their names, in fact do not develop designer perfumes.  They only add vital […]

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Tips for Buying Perfume

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Eleven Rules for Perfume Shopping The fragrance industry does the bulk of its business around Christmas, mainly because that is one of the few times a year than unwilling shoppers are forced down the perfume aisles of department stores around the world in an attempt to somehow find the right fragrance gift for a loved […]

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The Allure of Fine Fragrance

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Perfume and Cologne, Fragrance Through the Ages Since recorded history –and probably before—women and men have anointed themselves with scents. It has been said that Egypt’s ruling queens Cleopatra, Nefertiti and Hatshepsut had extensive vats of exotic perfumes. History also notes that during the reign of King Charles II men often carried pomanders, or “nosegays” […]

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Fragrance Families for Women’s’ Perfume

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Fragrance Families for Women’s’ Perfume If you are woman who loves wearing all kinds of fragrances, There are So many Fragrances available to all female according to their wish. Feminine fragrances have usually extra floral categories. Fragrance or Perfumes are used alternatively each other because those are same in their qualities except with a little […]

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Have You Tried Escada?

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Why Everyone Loves Escada Fragrances Escada  fragrances began in 1990 when husband and wife tandem Margaretha and Wolfgang Ley decided to expand their luxury niche. Since Escada is one of the leading companies in high-end fashion clothing and accessories, it didn’t take long before they were also able to mark their spot in the fragrance […]

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