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Capris Pants Black

Capris Pants Black

Yoga Pants Can Be Flattering

Author: Kristi Ambrose

Yoga has been around for centuries although some may think it came about during the years of the “flower child” in the 70s along with meditation and “hari krishna” worshippers. You would be correct by connecting Yoga with anything that is relaxing or spiritual. During Yoga you may very well go into a meditative or “trance like” attitude because of the relaxing state it can put you in. This is a physical fitness practice which can cleanse the body of impurities, help reduce weight while toning up the body and actually improving your health.

So while you are toning up and improving your health it also helps to wear the correct clothing. You want to feel comfortable while at the same time looking stylish. There are so many flattering Yoga outfits on the market today. You can find any size, fabric or color online and in some local stores. Some can be priced high or you can find some good values if you look around. In other words, there is no reason why you can’t look fabulous while practicing Yoga.

I am relatively new at this exercise but when I went to my first class I wanted to look good especially since I just lost some weight and wanted mostly to tone up. I went to several sites online and looked at all the latest fashions in Yoga wear. I was shocked that there was such a variety. I found some Capri, full-length, low rise, fold over and some were so cute I would be happy wearing them in public. I settled for the full-length, fold over waistband in basic black for my first pair. After all, black makes you look thinner and with the fold over waistband I could make them as low rise or med rise as I felt comfortable with. As I lost more weight and toned up I went for the low rise in brighter colors such as powder blue and cotton candy. As the weather warmed up I went for the Capri length in white along with a racer back tank top in heather grey.

I love wearing my Yoga clothes because not only are they comfortable and easy to move into all the positions but, they are so durable. Most of the ones I found are made of a combed cotton jersey and 8% spandex. Due to the spandex they hold up their shape after many washings and movements.

So as I said, Yoga pants and clothing can be quite fashionable along with being very flattering.

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Capris Pants Black

Capris Pants Black

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