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Capri Workout Pants

Capri Workout Pants
Are you suppose to wear panties with workout pants?

I have spent a pretty penny on some Nike and Under Armour heat resistant Capri workout pants. They have a little cotton crotch in the seat of the pants and I am wondering should I still wear my 100% cotton undies with them. I am asking because when I workout I am soaked down there. Plus I cant use products with perfumes in them in the crotch area. Do you know of any powders that i can use to reduce the moisture in the crotch area?? I love to workout but this is a major issue for me!

Im not sure about the pants…. it seems that if they have a little “cotton crotch” in the seat, maybe no?

About the powder…
Vagisil makes a really really good powder… no scent or anything, just helps to absorb moisture (relieves odor and itch too if you have that problem)……. or arm and hammor makes good powder too. Arm and hammor has like “sensitive” “Medicated” …all kinds of powders.
I am extreamly sensitive in that area and I use the vagisil.

If you want more ‘down there’ for confidance…. maybe try the Summers Eve (I think thats what its called) sprays. Its like d-odorant for ‘down there’…. I use it in the summer if im outside working out, but I spray a very light mist on the outside of my clothes – not directly on my ‘area’…its made for spraying directlly on your ‘area’ but it irritates me.

Capri Workout Pants

Capri Workout Pants

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