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Canvas Tote Bag

Canvas Tote Bag
How to dye a canvas tote bag?

This may sound a little silly, but I’m not really familiar with dying fabrics.
I needed to find a light pink or light purple canvas tote bag and have been unable to find any. So I was wondering if I buy a natural color or white canvas tote, would I want to buy regular fabric dye and dye the bag like any other fabric?

Pretty much… but you’ll need to choose the dye to match the fiber content of the fabric. In addition, if you’re dyeing, say, cotton, and the thread used is polyester, you’ll get undyed seams with dyed fabric.
Rit and Tintex, the common dyes available in grocery stores, are not good quality, btw. For cotton or other cellulosic fabrics, I’d use Procion MX, most likely.

Generally, you must also wash the fabric to remove all soap, softener, or sizing residues before dyeing… this is called “scouring”. “PFD” fabrics and sewn items do not need to be scoured — PFD stands for “prepared for dyeing”.

Here is one source of fabric, blanks and dyes that I’ve used — reputable, and have good help available: http://www.dharmatrading.com

Canvas Tote Bag
Canvas Tote Bag
Canvas Tote Bag

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