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Brown Leather Shoulder

Brown Leather Shoulder

Marketing Small Leather Goods to the Younger Market

Author: J Ireland

Accessorising an outfit is just as important as the outfit itself. This applies for both men and women, as finishing of the ‘look’ can give you a real impression of chique’, class and status. The wallet or purse that you take from your trouser pocket or shoulder bag can be eye catching and practical at the same time. For something that you use every day and gets a lot of use, then why not treat yourself to quality and the finest leather goods? Small leather goods compliment outfits admirably and exuberates status along with style. The target audience for small leather goods suppliers is does not really account for the younger generation, as the younger market is focused on trends and is always changing. I am a 22 year old guy that is fashion conscience and believe that some small leather goods would do well targeted towards the younger market and some will not. Hopefully this article will give some idea to what will and what won’t and is the first instalment of a line of articles about leather fashion for the younger market.

I am a big believer that the shoes you wear, the belt that harnesses you and even your wallet tells something about you. I’m a practical man that has many bank, membership and identification cards and require a wallet that could hold the cards along with compartments for notes and coins. Sounds like a simple request for a wallet, but you will be surprised at the amount of men’s wallets that do not incorporate coin compartments. My girlfriend at the time was given the objective to find me a brown leather wallet that incorporated the feature of having coin and card compartments and she duly delivered with a brown http://www.kjbeckett.com/acatalog/003221_main_m.jpg&imgrefurl=http://www.kjbeckett.com/acatalog/m5709008-leather-wallet-lacoste.html&usg=__XnBGCavbOrE3FMFvhui5YmGWu50=&h=374&w=300&sz=13&hl=en&start=1&um=1&tbnid=s3e7nzTjM38OdM:&tbnh=122&tbnw=98&prev=/images?q=brown+lacoste+wallet&hl=en&rlz=1T4SKPB_enGB333GB333&sa=N&um=1″ title=”lacoste wallet”>Lascoste wallet. As small leather goods come it was a little beauty, however, it was too big! Guys wear trousers or jeans and prefer not to have heavy weights hanging from their pockets, so I sold the wallet on eBay much the despair of the ex, who was less than happy. After a spell of cheap wallets, I soon came across this print leather bill wallet by Dents in a sale, it was classy and at the same time I thought it was cool and has all the functions I require. It has since been entrusted with storing my notes and coins.

 As earlier stated, I believe that what wear and the accessories that compliment say something about you. I am a post modern man after all and have many pairs of jeans that have accompanying leather belts. Being a post-modern man and all that, doing some reading on the latest small leather goods fashion, then I should be embracing the trend for younger males to dress themselves in black leather gloves. Maybe it’s an after affect of the late Michael Jackson’s passing as he was iconic for wearing a singular leather glove, but the trend is for young executive males to wear shoulder bags and leather gloves with a designer suit. But the simple fact I am not, I have seen websites selling driving gloves in leather and I am still unsure why as man in my twenties that when I enter my car that I need to wear gloves. Yes, I do recall that wearing gloves was compulsory in the earlier years, and my icons are Formula One drivers, and they wear gloves after all. Who knows, I may well be wearing leather driving gloves in the coming months, shall wait and see how fashion dictates me.

What I found of most interest when researching the ins and outs of small leather goods, was the extensive range of leather shooting gloves available on the market. I am an avid clay and game enthusiast and understand the conditions in which the sport is conducted. I have thinsulated fingerless cotton gloves and still my fingers freeze and at times is uncomfortable. I shall endeavour to try leather padded shooting gloves and report back with a detailed review.

About the Author:

J Ireland is a professional fashion journalist and blogger, with keen eye for trend spotting and understanding style. Currently researching the implications of how marketing leather accessories to the younger market have some barriers.


Article Source: ArticlesBase.com – Marketing Small Leather Goods to the Younger Market

Brown Leather Shoulder
Brown Leather Shoulder
Brown Leather Shoulder

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