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Bra Dress Outfit

Bra Dress Outfit

Clear Bra Straps – Get The Drop On These Cool Fashion Accessories.

Author: Tracie M. Loewe

Every person is familiar especially with those fashion staples that are vital parts of our wardrobes. Maybe its that pretty strappy pair of shoes that are dressy enough for casual day in the office but yet snazzy enough for a night out in the town. Or maybe the perfect pair of jeans or the little black dress that never goes out of style, worn along with the jacket or sweater that goes perfectly over the little black dress to make it professional by day.

What’s just as important in every woman’s closet of late are clear bra straps. Sure we’ve all been there. Perhaps you were out shopping all day, and on a whim you grab that perfect strapless or backless dress or shirt and take it home, only to discover that you don’t have a bra in your wardrobe that doesn’t peep out of the outfit in all the wrong places. An easy solution to this predicament is clear bra straps.

For sure, there are strapless bras available. However clear bra straps provide a much better solution in many cases. A lot of women have the right bra that not only offers just the right amount of support and lift but at the same time does it without creating unwanted lines and ridges that show through clothing material. Now the problem is, the bra isn’t strapless, and sure no one wants to attend a formal dinner or go out on a night of wild dancing in a tiny backless outfit or that form-fitting tank top with her bra straps as the most conspicuous thing about her outfit. Evidently clear bra straps are the perfect solution when you don’t want straps to show at all. You can not only sport them with most convertible bras but also in some cases can even be used with strapless bras to help keep them from shifting and sliding during the course of a day.

For those shopping for bras, a good idea would be to select those that will allow you to swap over the existing straps. This way, you can simply replace them with clear bra straps especially when the outfits you want to wear calls for bare skin.

Clearly its utility is obvious, in spite of the fact that a number of women have turned them into a fashion statement in and of themselves. On a creative note, there can be some that are added with rhinestones, sequins, or beads to their clear bra straps and worn them as an accessory. Wearing clear bra straps in this fashion can add an element of flair and unique style to your outfit.

If you like, you can replace the existing straps with different straps in ease for bras with interchangeable straps. Just in case if your favorite bra is not interchangeable, don’t worry. Many women with a bit of a sewing skill have often successfully replaced the straps on a favorite with clear bra straps. Yes, this could mean that the change is either permanent or that you’ll have to do more sewing if you wish to change back to the original straps.

On the whole, straps that are see-through provide both freedom and flexibility in planning your wardrobe. For some as a mechanism to hide all evidence of a bra and for others, as a decorated fashion statement in and of themselves!

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Bra Dress Outfit

Bra Dress Outfit

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