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Black Women White Men Dating

Author: Ria Rodriguez

What is behind the escalating trend of black white dating in interracial relationships?

Today, black women – white men couples are as prevalent as black men – white women couples. This is evident in large cities such as Chicago and New York, Atlanta and Detroit, which have a noticeable and outstanding increase in the number of mixed-race couples.

The theme of interracial love is en vogue in most televisions and in movies. There is Jungle Fever, Guess Who, Something New and even on a number of series such as Grey’s Anatomy.

“Interracial couples are more noticeable and prominent than ever,” says a Midwest-based author who has observed the changes in the dating trends for about 40 years. “But the recent numbers of Black women being escorted by White men is, well, startling, to say the least.”

According to social observers, the increase in interracial relationships is associated with breakdown of school and residential segregation and the lifting of the ban on interracial marriages. Colleges, workplaces and neighborhoods are also are also ethnically integrated.

These days, most black families live in affluent white neighborhoods. And while kids are growing up, they socialize and play together and when they become teenagers, they naturally are attracted to those within the same social circles in which they and in regardless of ethnicity.

Different individuals have different reasons for dating across racial lines. For some, its love, others attraction and for others, they just happened to find the right person. We however have those who prefer being in interracial relationships for example, has had two Black wives and has dated a number of Black women such as Naomi Campbel, O. J. Simpson’s preference in white women is clear, and of course there is Whoopi Goldberg time and again dates White guys.

Nadine Kijak (black) of Chicago married her Polish husband, not because she couldn’t find a Black man (as is the popular belief of scarcity of good black men), but because of their friendship, the compatibility, the fact that they fell in love.

Much as interracial relationships seem to be the in thing, relationship experts caution those in or considering interracial relationships and interracial marriage to examine their motives and those of their partners. Why are you doing it? If you are doing it to prove you are not racist, then that isn’t a good enough reason.

About the Author:

Ria Rodriguez is a writer and regular blogger for www.InterracialDatingCentral.com on all topics to do with relationships and dating in an interracial world. Ria is of mixed race origins and brings a fun and unique perspective on multicultural dating topics.

Article Source: ArticlesBase.com – Black Women White Men Dating

Black White Large

Black White Large

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