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Black Shoulder Bag

Black Shoulder Bag

No.09 Gucci New Jackie Medium Shoulder Bag with Single Adjustable Strap

Author: Tommy Martin

Year after year, Gucci has been remodeling its classic designs in every new collection. Actually, for those fashion giant, it’s an unwritten rule in the industry. A great portion of young fashion chasers are reluctant to accept the so-called inheritance. As a matter of fact, it is really boring with abundant déjà vu. That’s why fast fashion has become the mainstream. In Gucci 2009 Spring/Summer collection, we can still find lots of familiar faces which cause nothing except deep disappointment. I have to admit that they really work their fingers to the bone to make some alterations, trying to present a fresh feeling, but most of the attempts are ridiculous, just like putting a baby doll dress on grandmas. But some of them combine the tradition and innovation in a harmonious way, such as the Gucci New Jackie Medium Shoulder Bag.

There are 3 variations of this New Jackie Medium Shoulder Bag which is far less than 7 of the large version which reflects the popularity of large bags in recent years. But I believe this mania will fade away soon. After all, how many ladies want to hand or should a sandbag for a long time?  The ebony one on the left is made of dark brown leather with crystal GG Fabric which is a good choice for everyone. The black one in the middle is preferred by more sophisticated women and the right one that is made of light brown guccissima leather is a little bit cliché for me.

The sizes of these three bags are all 34 x 4.5 x 28 cm. That’s suitable enough for most daily occasion and you will encounter inconvenience induced by large bags. There is a single adjustable strap and a detachable should strap. So you can either hand or should it according to your needs. All bags feature iconic Gucci G pattern decorated with hand stitching on the bottom which is elegant and full of femininity but it is the push lock closure and the tassels with bamboo detail make the bag break out from the pack. The golden push lock closure is exquisite and presents the contemporary style in contrast to the oriental flavor exuding from the tassels with bamboo detail which are much more significant and eye-catching than the large version. This time, Gucci got it.

Designer handbags are never just for functionality. We choose one as we choose our life. Take the Gucci New Jackie Medium Shoulder bag and accompany with the eternal glamour in your journey of life.

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Black Shoulder Bag
Black Shoulder Bag
Black Shoulder Bag

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