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Black Handbag Purse

Black Handbag Purse

Various Styles of Designer Handbags

Author: Megan Hazel

When you think of designer handbags, many names such as Gucci, Marc Jacobs, Louis Vuitton and Versace will pop into your mind.  No matter which designer is at the very top of your list, you cannot go wrong with anyone them.  Below we discuss some of the new trends that these fabulous designers have in store for us this season.


As always, Gucci is a big hit, and this season, they are all about the hobo and the shoulder bag.  In seasons past, Gucci followed a trendy style while instilling the classic undertones that make their purses unmistakably Gucci.  These days, the Gucci bag remains beautiful to the touch and exquisite in its design. This summer, you can expect to find popular hobo bags in white, some of which are sporting beautiful appliqués and patchwork detail.  The Gucci “Hysteria” bag, for example, is the first thing you will notice on a woman if she is wearing this bag.  It has beautiful white leather trim, gold hardware, and the Gucci crest for everyone to see.  However, it also has a large Gucci tattoo heart right on the front of the bag in patchwork.  This unique bag is white python, and has double handles and a detachable shoulder strap.  You will not soon be forgotten sporting this eye catching purse.

Gucci also likes to create the ever-popular large shoulder bag. These are often done in snakeskin material, in particular, python.  While not always easy to distinguish these brown or black bags from others, there are small tell-tale signs that it is a genuine Gucci. For instance, on the “New Jackie” bag, the hardware and tassels sport details that would only be seen on a Gucci designed original.

Marc Jacobs:

Marc Jacobs is somewhat of a newcomer in the designer scene when compared with legends such as Versace, Louis Vuitton and Gucci, but that does not mean he is not a contender for some of the best bags on the market.  Whether you pick up a Marc Jacobs tote bag, over-the shoulder slouch, or evening bags, all of his creations are stunning and original. Marc Jacobs’s creations will not be difficult to tell apart, due to many of his more casual bags having his name emblazoned directly on the fabric.  Also, his hardware is often very contemporary and chunky, which tends to make his bags stand out more.  This season, Marc Jacobs is favoring shoulder bags in bright colors and crazy textures. Specifically, he is using a lot of reds and purples with multi-colored accents and eye-catching extras such as tassels.  In fact, many of his bags, both large and small, are bearing tassels of various shapes and colors.

Louis Vuitton:

Louis Vuitton is probably best known for his fine leather.  He does not often stray into unknown or unsafe territory, and is best described as a classic designer, or the “Chanel” of handbags.  For this reason, he is and will always be the designer of choice for ladies who prefer classic lines, classic styles, and timeless creations.  Perhaps the boldest choice Vuitton has made this season is to take his classic black leather purse and tattoo his ever-famous monogram on it in bright colors.  The bag is called the Pochette Milla, and is quite reasonably priced and available with either a white or black background.  It is a smaller bag with a chain link strap and brass details.  It is a great bag for day or evening wear, and it can be carried as either a wristlet or a clutch.

Another bag growing in popularity this season from Louis Vuitton is his Stephen Sprouse collection, which bears the color brown and the monogram that Vuitton is famous for. This collection also sports a beautiful, orangey-red rose on either side of the bag inspired by the artist Stephen Sprouse.  It showcases a different side of the Louis Vuitton line, and it is sure to be a timeless favorite like many of his others.


Versace has really shown his style this spring and summer with some gorgeous yet funky bags.  Two of his new designs are exceptionally showy despite their monochromatic color. The black leather and gold bags that are almost futuristic in style and appearance.  They are stunning examples of his modern style, as is the large “azalea” colored bag and the gold open-work bag.  Many models and movie stars and wearing Versace this year on the runway and red carpet, as he seems to be even showier than usual this season.

No matter which handbag you choose to purchase, there are plenty of wonderful selections from our favorite designers this upcoming season.

About the Author:

Megan Hazel is a freelance writer who writes about a variety of topics including celebrities and fashion, often discussing specific items for women such as designer handbags.

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Black Handbag Purse
Black Handbag Purse
Black Handbag Purse

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