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Black Athletic Shorts

Black Athletic Shorts

MMA Shorts as Fashion Accessory

Author: Phoenix Delray

The Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) field is a serious one, yet there is much fashion to be found within its reaches. One of the elements of clothing that can signify your interest in the sport as well as add comfort to your wardrobe is a pair of MMA shorts. Often seen with logos and emblems across one leg, these shorts are generally made with an elastic waistband for added comfort, and stretchable panels for additional range of movement.

You do not have to be a cage fighter to wear MMA shorts. These shorts would work well for any sport that requires a wide range of leg movement, such as basketball, running, or other types of warm weather outdoor sports. The internal mouth guard pocket found on some pairs of these shorts could be used to carry identification, cash, or keys when on the go and unwilling to be weighed down with the full bulk of a wallet. The neutral black, white, and gray styling, accented with red, works with most fashion choices, and the look is made complete with a tshirt or tank top.

Shorts of this type are manufactured and therefore ordered by waist size rather than by the arbitrary classifications of small, medium, large, and extra large. The ability to select a pair of shorts that are numerically likely to fit saves time on returns and reorders when one manufacturer has a different idea of what large means than another one.

The internal drawstring present on this type of shorts is similar to that which you would find on any pair of athletic shorts, which means that you can order a size slightly larger than you think you will need and use the drawstring to adjust the size down, then up if your waist size expands. This can come in handy if the sport you are most likely to participate in while wearing these shorts is the sport of watching an MMA fight on television while downing a few beers.

Another advantage to owning a few pairs of these shorts is that they work very well as a fashion statement for women. Much like the letterman jacket one borrowed in high school from a boyfriend, a lady can easily slip these shorts on with a feminine cut tank top or sports bra and be ready to hit the track or the park. If you want a versatile addition to your wardrobe, this is it.

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Black Athletic Shorts

Black Athletic Shorts

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