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Bag Handbag Nwt

Bag Handbag Nwt
Where can i buy this roxy bag ??

so mi friend bought it from off the wall at the mall for me (and its out of stock….) … but mii little sister cut the handle off of it… i checked the roxy website but it wasnt there… i looked on ebay && found the smaller version of it …herezz the link to the smaller version


so please if u find it give me the link
it has two pockets on the front… and birdies… its very close to the one mensioned but its bigger… I need it for summer school 😛
its not a duffle

these are similar:

I think this is exactly what you are looking for: http://www.surfsidemailorder.com/p-21828-roxy-better-then-me-bag.aspx?zmam=7951712+zmas=8+zmac=9+zmap=45396

Bag Handbag Nwt
Bag Handbag Nwt
Bag Handbag Nwt

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