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Authentic Vintage

Checkout original and authentic vintage posters – Available online

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Shopping for a vintage poster has never been easier. Today a single web site boasts of 2000 vintage posters available online. That’s not all. You need to see the varieties of posters available, the manner in which they have been preserved and the sheer quality of these original vintage posters.

The categories of these authentic posters cover fine art, war and military, travel, food and liquor, transportation and sports. There is a special category for vintage posters, which have been added recently.

Let us consider a few of these varieties of posters available online. Under travel you have travel posters from Germany, Britain, Spain, Switzerland, France and the US. France has more than 100 travel posters whereas the US has more than 30. If you browse through the French vintage posters you are transported to a different world. You get to see rare gems like the 1896 poster painted by Oge titled Evian Les Bains. The poster measures 62”X46” and has the tourist in mind because it speaks of casinos and theatres. There is an 1895 poster on the Paris to London ferry (in a steamship of course!) by the artist Fraipont. It shows two sailors in an animated conversation and ships in the background.

If you flip through the American catalogue of vintage posters on travel you get to see some recent ones like the 1955 poster on Palisades Amusement Park or the pretty 1960 Pan American poster on Hawaii by the artist Galli which shows a beautiful blonde in a Hawaiian dress amidst a charming surrounding.

The Fine Arts category has a few exquisite posters. There is a 1940 vintage poster titled “Three Cars on Yellow” by Bacci showing the racers of those days on the track.

The entertainment category has sub categories for music, the theater or opera, dance or ballet, circus or magic, exposition, entertainers and of course movies. There is one beautiful vintage poster by Dellepiane from 1899 titled Ville de Marseilles. The 1917 “I want you Uncle Sam” poster by Flagg is most impressive.

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Authentic Vintage
Authentic Vintage
Authentic Vintage

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