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Athletic Sleeve Less

Athletic Sleeve Less

Buy Oakland Athletics Tickets Online – Book Tickets for a Spectacular Show!

Author: Al Terry

Buy Oakland Athletics tickets online if you want to avoid the serpentine queues due to the huge popularity enjoyed by the Oakland Athletics – a professional baseball team based in Oakland, California. The team originated as a new franchise in the year 1901 in the American League. The Athletics, as they are commonly known as are the members of the Western Division of Major League’s Baseball’s American League.

The Teams’ Mascot

The Athletics are nicknamed as “The A’s”, now the trademark of the Athletics and also “The White Elephants”, the mascot of the team. The elephant retired as the Team’s mascot in 1963 and The Missouri Mule took its place- as per the wish of the then owner Charles O. Finley. The Elephant was again restored in the year 1988 and was marked on the left sleeve of the home and road uniforms.

The Winnings and Losses Of Oakland Athletics

The Athletics established themselves as one of the most prominent teams in the new league and won the A.L. pennant six times in the years 1902, 1905, 1910, 1911, 1913 and 1914. The team also won the World Series in 1910, 1911 and 1913. They also won over 100 games in 1911 and 1912 and 99 games in 1914. However, the team suffered a downfall in 1914 and lost the 1914 World Series to the Boston Braves. Several players of the team also decided to jump over before the World Series. The team was sold to a Chicago businessman, Arnold Johnson and the team was moved to Kansas City for the 1955 season. The Athletics won 63 games in 1955. After the stake in the team was bought by Charlie O. Finley, the team’s uniform that was originally blue or white and black or grey outfits was replaced by a red, navy blue and white color scheme. The colors were eventually changed to Kelly Green, Fort Knox Gold and Wedding Gown White.

During the 13 year stay of the team in Kansas City, the Athletics were one of the worst teams in Baseball history. The team moved back to Oakland in the year 1968 and in the year 1970, the A’s finally scored winnings. After a second-place finish in 1970, the A’s won the A.L. West title in 1971. The team however, lost to the Baltimore Orioles in the American League Championship Series. In 1972, the team won their first league pennant since 1931 and faced the Cincinnati Reds in the World Series.

The A’s lost in the American League Championship Series after winning the “first half” AL West Division. They landed up with the second-best overall record in baseball and the best record in the American League. The team set a record for a single season attendance and the average annual home attendance of over 1.9 million. The winnings ensured that anyone who would buy Oakland Athletics tickets would be in for a spectacular on-field performance.

The Star Players Of Oakland Athletics

The team was known for its “$100,000 Infield”, consisting of John McInnis, Eddie Collins, Jack Barry, Frank Baker as well as pitchers Eddie Plank and Charles Bender. Rube Waddell was also one of the star performers of the team. In 1973 and 1974, players such as Reggie Jackson, Sal Bando, Joe Rudi, Bert Campaneris, Catfish Hunter, Rollie Fingers and Vida Blue formed the strength of the teams and ensured a fantastic game for anyone who would buy Oakland Athletics tickets.

Though the A’s have lost and won over several games, still their games have always been a treat for a baseball fanatic. It is therefore essential to buy Oakland Athletics tickets online to guarantee a reserved entry just at the click of a mouse without having to waste time standing in a queue. So, buy Oakland Athletics tickets and ensure a confirmed attendance for yourself from the comfort of your home!
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Athletic Sleeve Less

Athletic Sleeve Less

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