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Athletic Shorts Size

Athletic Shorts Size

Customized Athletic Promotional Items: School Spirit Ideas for Booster Clubs and Athletic Departments

Author: Jenny Schweyer


Customized athletic promotional items are fabulous for boosting school spirit and pumping up a crowd for the big game.  Booster Clubs and school athletics departments looking for ideas to generate fan support often turn to customized athletic promotional items.  Not only do they make excellent giveaways, they can also be used to stock the school’s or team’s gift shop and raise money for sports programs, equipment and athletic scholarship programs.  They can also outfit the team and create a sense of unity and excitement.


The North American Booster Club Association recognizes the importance of athletics and team spirit in the lives of students everywhere.  NABCA’s mandate is to promote school athletics programs and the parents who work hard to ensure that those programs continue.  The NABCA recognizes that sports and athletics “enhances the educational experiences of all kids.”  Unfortunately, extracurricular sports programs and school athletics courses are in danger of ceasing to exist in many schools in North America.  Budget cuts and lack of outside support are the major reasons for the downfall of school sports.  Because of this, the NABCA supports the efforts of booster clubs to maintain school spirit in the face of declining financial support and keep school athletics programs intact.  One way to help is through the use of customized athletic promotional items.


Imagine stadiums of high school football fans waving customized pennants or pom poms in support of the team at the annual homecoming game.  Picture pristine practice uniforms complete with team names and logos on each shirt and pair of shorts.  Imagine the noise at your school’s next pep rally when students are outfitted with customized whistles and noisemakers, all in support of the school team.  Whether you’re looking for giveaways or need fundraising products, try these customized athletic promotional item ideas on for size at your next Booster Club meeting:


Noisemakers:  Make some noise in the stands with customized athletic promotional items like kazoos, clappers, horns and tambourines.  With your school’s or team’s name emblazoned prominently on the side, there will be no doubt about which side you’re cheering for.


Sweatbands, wristbands and bracelets:  Sweatbands stitched with your team’s name are a great accessory for creating unity amongst sports team members.  They’re also highly practical for both games and practices.  Wristbands and bracelets are excellent items to carry in your school’s spirit store.  Or, simply take orders from students and parents for a spirit-boosting fundraiser.


Practice uniforms or gym strip:  Your school’s or team’s name on shirts, shorts, socks and other athletic wear will let everyone around know that athletic programs are supported at your school.


Jackets and outerwear:  The game must go on, even when it rains.  Team jackets will keep athletes and fans alike warm and dry on game days when the weather is less than ideal.


Sports/duffel bags:  Keep balls, equipment and uniforms together and tidy with a team-logo duffel bag.  They’re handy for transporting equipment, especially to away games.  Drawstring bags are a convenient way to carry shoes or practice clothes.


Best of all, customized athletic promotional items are economical.  It’s important to make the most of your Booster Club’s budget.  Parents work hard to raise money to ensure that their children will have athletics programs to enrich their lives.  Customized athletic promotional items let students and fans know that sports are important and that parents, teachers and coaches care.




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Athletic Shorts Size

Athletic Shorts Size

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