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Athletic Dri Fit

Athletic Dri Fit

Mission Product: A Must Have For Athletes

Author: Johnson McBrady

Athletes are honed primarily to compete. And being in a competition is not easy since one should go out to the field very prepared and in great shape. Even during trainings and practices, athletes should already know the essentials of having extra fit body condition. The essentials would generally include skin care products like what Mission Product has been offering to active athletes. Mission Product does not only cater to athletes, but even ordinary people who are constantly exposed to the sun and wind will find it helpful in order to maintain the moisture and the luster of the skin.

Avoid Cracking and Chaffing

Cracks, blisters, and chopped skin and lips are the most common sight in an athlete’s body. This is commonly encountered by them considering that most of these athletes are often exposed to the ultra violet rays of the sun, and dry wind. The harmful rays ultimately causes the skin to dry and to look old and worse, there are cases of skin cancer because of prolonged sun exposure. All these problems have been taken into consideration by Mission Product with three of their top products that act to prevent cracking and chaffing, the Anti Friction Cream, Foot Synergy Gel, and Lip Protector.

Anti-friction Cream

The anti-friction cream is suitable for runners whose arms and legs are constantly moving. The frequent contact of skin to skin or skin to clothing can eventually cause irritation and burning sensation to the affected area. Using bandages or petroleum jellies are mere temporary relief, but Mission Product Anti-Friction Cream works five times better than ordinary lubricants. It helps in relieving the skin from cracking and chaffing, promotes fast healing and at the same time moisturizes the skin, too. So in other words it is must have for all sports persons!

Foot Gel

The Mission Product Foot Synergy Gel helps in relaxing tired and overworked feet. The feet can be the most affected part of the body since it carries the whole weight of the person. Oftentimes, the feet can be inflamed making it a big discomfort for an athlete. The foot synergy gel helps relieve pain in tired feet. It also hydrates, nourishes, moisturizes, and soothes the skin and targets dry and cracked portions.

Lip Protector

Because athletes especially runners or bikers are almost always under the heat of the sun with the wind constantly blowing on the face, cracked and dry lips cannot be prevented. This is why Mission Product Lip Protector with SPF 20 is a necessity for athletes on the go. It helps prevent cracking and drying of the lips brought about by the UVA and UVB rays and helps retain moisture.

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Athletic Dri Fit

Athletic Dri Fit