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Kinesio Tape

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Kinesio Tape is one of the efficient ways of curing athletes after having muscular or skeletal injuries. Athletes are prone to get shin splints at some or the other stage of their training. These are quite irritating and painful. Most commonly used re-habilitation techniques include applying ice, aloe juice or strapping on the injured part. But none of them works as well as Kinesio Tape. This tape augments the healing process by re-educating the numero-muscular system. The performance level of the athlete is also increased as it stimulates the lymphatic flow.

Presently, Kinesio Tape or KT is known to be the most versatile object of medical utility in sports arena. It is specially fabricated for long-term use and maintains an admissible damage control of the injured area. Kinesio Tape is made up of natural cotton fiber and it allows the skin to breathe properly. It allows for adequate sweat and air circulation at skin. Hence, it doesn’t retains any amount of moisture from the skin

Kinesio Tape is very easy to use and the best part is that it is latex-free. The adhesive used in this tape has been tested medically and is not allergic. It is very much skin friendly and doesn’t cause any type of irritation on skin. The elasticity of this tape makes it adaptive to body shape and it could be directly applied to the injured part. The user will feel totally comfortable while wearing it, as it doesn’t hinders with bodily movements. It could be effectively applied to any body part like shoulders, lower back, elbows, joints and so on.

The traditional tapes used in the world of sports needs to be re- applied after every three-four hours. Contrary to this, Kinesio Tape lasts for three to five days on the skin. This tape works wonderfully when applied on inflamed part of the body. It quickly reduces and swelling and also lessen the pain in the injured body part. It reduces the level of discomfort within a short time.

Kinesio Tape should be applied over and around the injured muscles so as to give them proper support and to avert over-contraction. It relieves the pain by targeting the source of the pain. It is advisable to apply it in ‘I’ strips in shapes like that of ‘X’ or ‘Y’. It gives extra effect and stability to the tape. In case of muscle facilitation, apply the tape from beginning of the muscle to its end. It helps in stimulating the underused muscles.

The healing effect of Kinesio Tape is far much alluring than its working phenomenon. Athletes from all over the world count on this tape to get their injuries recovered as soon as possible and re-gain the strength of their injured tissues. The tape has well lived to the expectations of the medical advisors of the athletes and continues to be a wonderful thing. It is quite common no days to use this tape to heal the injury and decrease the pain when the athlete has a tough challenge to face.

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Alo Sport Athletic

Alo Sport Athletic