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Adidas Power Climacool

Adidas Power Climacool

Adidas Clothing

Author: David Smith

It is of no exception that Adidas is delivering their seasonal stock early on this spring season. This year Adidas Originals materialized few new t-shirts, L-Wax jackets and a new Stan Smith ST sneaker. The Adidas ‘brand’ has established a global appeal and a new standard of understated elegance.

Adidas Formation Clothing Technology

Recently Adidas has launched an innovative clothing technology by merging different fabrics with unique properties in a shaped garment. This new technology is termed as “ForMotion Technology” that improves comfort and enhances performance. ForMotion garments are planned and designed for three major kinds of sports:

  1. Running – Here the aim is on forward motion of the body.
  2. Tennis – Here the aim is on upper body movement and rotation of the body.
  3. Soccer – Here the aim on lower body movement and power.

This technology helps in enhancing athletes’ body movements and rotations. Compression fabrics are the key elements of ForMotion garments that facilitate an athlete to maintain proper form and independence of movement.

To transport heat and moisture away from the body “ClimaCool” design and fabrication technologies are incorporated. This technology also optimizes an athlete’s body temperature and gives aeration in major heat zones of the body. The three-dimensional fabrics allow proper ventilation and circulate air close to the skin, which makes the athletes’ body cooler than they can in bare skin.

The sculpted garments are shaped using a variety of technologies to “enhance athletic independence of movement” and “vibrant support for body muscles”.

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Adidas Power Climacool

Adidas Power Climacool