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Adi Trefoil Vintage

Adidas Trainers

Author: David Smith

Germany had a massive impact on the story of the training shoe. In the year of 1920, adidas was launched on the world. For the first time adidas trainers appeared in the Olympics games, Amsterdam in 1928. The Adidas brand was being promoted in 1956, at the Melbourne Olympics.

This was the first sports sponsorship. Adidas then split out from trainers into footballs and clothing in the year 1961. Adidas added the three stripes to its trainers to reinforce the shoe and add extra stability to the foot; the trademark that is now recognized around the world was launched. At the 1964 Tokyo Olympics, 83% of all athletes sported footwear with the familiar Adidas 3 stripes.

Currently adidas manufactures a huge variety of trainers, covering all forms of marketplaces and sports under two small logos. The adidas originals collection bears the classic trefoil logo, and the adidas equipment range under the three-stripe logo.

Substance generally carries one of the widest ranges of Adidas trainers online, which includes adidas retro trainers and reissues of dead stock classic adidas trainers. In our exclusive range of adidas trainers, you can find toby black canvas shoe, adidas originals adi 14 trainers black, adidas originals superstar vintage white, adidas originals touring brown, adidas originals adi 14 trainers white, adidas originals tennis vintage black and many more.

Stan Smiths are regarded as the best selling trainers by Adidas ever; with over 32 million sold, but as a substitute there are also Adidas Ilie Nastase and Adidas Rod Laver styles. Adidas tennis trainers are also been highly accepted. Adidas have labelled their tennis trainers with the names of tennis legends from the 70’s, which today offers them that retro essence.

Our adidas trainers further consists of adidas originals tobacco trainers musbro, adidas originals superstar 1 chalk, adidas originals universal black, adidas originals adicolor low mahoga/tecbl, adidas originals adi 14 trainers khaki, adidas originals century lo y3 trainers sun, pointer seeker 111 canvas chocolate, adidas originals porsche design cl black trainer, adidas originals cup 68 leather ld, adidas originals universal lux and more.

If you need more information on Adidas Trainers, feel free to get in touch with Substance Designer Clothing. With Substances rare and exclusive mix of brands we hope to provide our clients with a sense of individuality and class!

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Adi Trefoil Vintage

Adi Trefoil Vintage